Portfolio feedback

I am posting my equity portfolio for getting feedback from seniors.
I have started investing from 2016 onwards.
Presenlty i am holding the following stocks.

  1. Kokuyu Camline-- Entry at Rs. 92
  2. Tata global —Entry at Rs 135
    3.Amulya leasing — Entry at Rs. 365
  3. L T foods —Entry at Rs.48
  4. Sintex Plastic ---- Entry at Rs 60
  5. Krbl ----- Entry Rs 330
    7.sintex Industries — Entry Rs 19
  6. Balkrishna Industries - entry – Rs 998
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Please post your rationale for stock selection.

The selection of stocks is really good in my opinion.However, I think more stocks should be added to the portfolio gradually,only 8 stocks seems concentrated.Secondly,it will be better if stocks belong to different sectors.One of the working idea could be-Include the stocks which go down with rising petroleum prices,and also have some stock which rise with rising crud prices.Similarly, stocks moving with or opposite to rupee. This helps in keeping the portfolio balanced,and it also provides opportunity to buy and sell,because at any point any of these stocks will be moving upward or downward.Thirdly,it is always good to have a few stocks like Tata global,ITC,Marico etc. which can has limited downside risk and consistent performance.
Please do share your thoughts.