Portfolio discussion

Hello guys!
About myself:
My name is Akarshan Aswath and I am 21 years old, M.B.B.S student, going to become a doctor in a year.
As you guys can guess already, my exposure to financing and everything related to it has been pretty low my whole life due to the type of degree and profession I am pursuing, but lately I have found myself strongly gravitating towards the world of financing and compounding.
I took nearly 6 months to just educate myself about the whole concept of stock market, compounding, portfolio building, technical analysis etc.

About my portfolio
My investment journey has started well i think, and over several months i tried experimenting with quite a few months and found that PHARMA was the sector i understood the most. And the IT, Chemicals have fascinated me.
So my portfolio is built around 3 main sectors

  1. Health care
  2. Information technology
  3. Industrials

The main fundamental stocks that i buy on every dips and eat up the majority of my portfolio are ,

  1. Deepak nitrite
  2. Navin fluorine
  3. Lauruslabs
  4. Happiest minds

I have been adding these on every dips.

Appreciate any suggestions or constructive criticism.

Holdings ss for valuepickr

(APLAPOLLO has announced 1:1 , so ignore the -47% )

please mention the reasoning and % also for good discussion

You might like to edit the Sector column from your table as many of the entries are incorrect, or just remove that altogether and add a % column. Also add investment rationale.

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@Akarshan please update your current portfolio…are you still holding Laurus Labs…