Portfolio Allocation Strategies

Dear All,

I need some expert advice on how to rebalance my portfolio. Currently, my allocation as attached in the image.

Some Callouts -:

  1. The equity allocation is as of current market prices.

  2. The CSCO stocks are the ESPP’s/ ESOP’s I get.

  3. Other international Equity is through the MON100 ETF.

Questions -:

  1. Now, I reaally want to rebalance, and allocate more towards Equity - What’s the best way, to move this from PF to Equities, and is that even possible.

  2. I end up saving about 40% of my monthly gross income (Eg. In PF/ Equities/ SIP’s etc.). Now, PF amount is fixed, cannot be decreased, and I do not have any extra amount to allocate to equities. In this case, how do I rebalance the portfolios?

  3. Any suggestions, towards general portfolio allocation tips.

My Age : 38
Relatively Stable Private Sector Job in a IT MNC.


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