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I generally keep portfolio of around 10 stocks . Now it has stretched to 25 stocks. Few I feel are overpriced and am looking to get rid off.
I need advice on what are the stocks you think to get rid off for 2016 to make it concentrated at 10 stocks again. And please mention the reason why do you think I should get rid of any stock you pick. I am not mentioning when purchased or proportion of the portfolio so that you can give an unbiased opinion just based on todays picture of 2016

  1. Caplin Point

  2. Granules India

  3. Avanti feed

  4. WaterBase

  5. Chaman Lal

  6. Vidhi Dyestuff

  7. Inani Marbles

  8. NBCC

  9. Gayetri Projects

  10. Ashiana Housing

  11. NCL Industries

  12. Nitin Fire

  13. Repco Housing Finance

  14. Dewan Housing Finance

  15. Welspun India

  16. Welspun Syntex

  17. Ambika Cotton

  18. Indo Count

  19. RSWM

  20. Shreyas Shipping

  21. Rajesh Exports

  22. Force Mortor

  23. Nilkamal

  24. TCPL

  25. PI Industries


You could try another approach. Try liquidating all your stocks mentally. Then check which 10 you would buy now for the long term.

Consider all your criterion, including ROCE. You could use screener.in

Hope this helps,

@sabarin_wipro It’s almost same as what I meant with

I would say retain the below team of 11 stocks…

Caplin Point

Avanti Feed

Vidhi Dyestuff

Ashiana Housing


Welspun SyntexIndo Count

Force Motors
PI Ind

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Could you share what was your reasons for investing in each stock, and why you are looking to exit.


Most of stocks in portfolio are good. It’s very difficult to filter.

you can think of below stocks
6) Vidhi Dyestuff - Debt is high
10) Ashiana Housing - small player might be less growth