Poor Aravind's Portfolio 2017

Still adding and still learning. Please comment on the holdings and add your opinions. I am looking at no time horizon. Its just a list and I can keep adding and removing when reasons change.

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Whats the ideal size, when you have a lot of micro caps in the list. Its not suitable to concentrate when there is an information problem in the open market

I like Delta corp & heritage foods…for rest all share your reasons for investment

can u share your investment rationale in shri kesav cements. I too hold it. Capacity will be 5x in few time. and till recently was trading at under 10 on trailing earnings. with experience mgt. to me looked good when i enter.

Hi Aravind,
This website from Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion lists all the cement companies in India. But the webpage doesn’t have Shri Keshav Cements & Infra/ Katwa Udyog in this list. Are they registered by some other name ?

Exactly what you said. Huge capex coming on-board, Company selling in Goa, Maharashtra apart from Ktk and a few more factors like Premium Katwa Udyog has over Orient and Hidelberg in that region. Its having great operational efficiencies and I like Cement as a speculative trade in the near future say 2-5 yrs, hence in that.

Can u share your investment rationale for Suven? While I hold it as a tracking position, haven’t been able to get the kind of conviction due to lack of clarity in topline growth. While SUVN 502 their flagship project can really turnaround things but I see it as a low probability when projects move from trial 2 to next level and then commercialize.

I have a direct knowledge of the things that happen at Suven on a frequent basis. I am not a Pharma person, but the Scientists and Ph.D say that the new patents and licences we are getting is a good thing and many others also need these(if ever they are also working) at some stage and need to pay a sum to borrow their technology and as far as Phase III is concerned, its pretty rare to go there quickly but I think it will be done in the next 2yrs for a few molecules that have been started long back. In this case Persistence and discipline of the promoter/involved scientists I like. Rest, I leave it to approvals.

Its my only pharma stock, as you can see. Its not for the reason that its a pharma stock, but just that the upside is huge that its there. Need to believe in the course taken. Dividend is coming allright.

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*AIA Engineering
*Inox Wind

What was the rationale behind selling AIA Engg?

This post by @hack2abi makes an interesting case for holding on to it.

Disclosure: Not invested in AIA Engg. The query is purely for educational purpose.

I spoke to people and wise men. I was invested from much much lower levels and have seen the company grow to a global level where the JV partner was broken and these people are getting more business then ever before in the mining and such places their rolling stock made from High Chrome alloys is used. But from here the replacement cost is high and they sold to all they had to sell. Its the last 1/8th always causes the problem said Jesse Livermore. I dont want problems, hence I feel its at overstretched valuations for its prospects. I sold recently at massive profits.

Any insight on how long before Inox Wind can introduce the next generation WTG with a PLF around 40%?

They claim to be close to doing it.

Disclosure: Invested

After last quarter, I feel the strategy they are applying is failing. They have a great management that attracted me into the stock from GFL and Inox Leisure. Somehow Inox Wind is a poor stock in a poor business in a poor situation. The buyers of Wind farms are getting richer, the users of wind energy are getting cheap cost power but unfortunately the seller is losing out. I feel the dynamics of Wind business are not suitable to generate LT wealth. I liked the Suzlon numbers this time as they were better than what Bloomberg expected.

I am sold out though the stock seems to have made a bottom with all the negativity and the large one day fall it had recently. I dislike the sector itself now

Would you mind sharing the rationale of buying and now exiting Geojit ?
I was told that increase of MF investments through SIP will keep business growing for some time by a staff of geojit.

Disc: No positions.

I bought it long back at a low price when financial penetration was low and there were no brokers all over the place.

Now: We have predatory pricing by Upstox and Zerodha kind of on-line brokers, this is predatory in nature.

I liked it for its Gulf and ME presence, its promoter, its Share holding pattern and name which had BNP in it and a few other reasons. All that is gone. Though BNP paribas exists, it is on the side of its competition and Indias largest Sharekhan. All these and more factors led me to exit my position. Its a good company still its just that the pond in which it exists now has Piranas. I cant sleep well knowing that Zerodha is growing at 100% and Upstox has 2.5% of total market turnover ever day

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I own Shemaroo, Royal Orchid, Pidilite, Uflex, IP APPM, Advani Hotels, Balaji Tele, SKM Egg, Texmaco, Suzlon, Suven, Talwalkars, CTE in the above portfolio.

I added Indo Amines, Hotel Leela Ventures, Som Distilleries, United Spirits, Puravankara, Praj, CL Educate, MCX-SX(unlisted), HDB Finance(unlisted), Hindustan Copper, Faze 3, GE Shipping, Thangamayil, Force Motors, Rishiroop, Flexituff to the list

I can see two companies in the distilleries space! The sector looks promising ! Would yu care to give your rationale behind these and if any idea about radico khaitan and associated alcohols?

Document1.docx (892.2 KB)

  • I am at the present having a lot of Speculative positions in the Metals and Mining, Jewellery, Spirits, FMCG space just to play the coming uptrend in earnings and subsequent rise in Prices, they are not a part of my long term strategy or macro view on India.

  • My Largest Holdings are Hotel Leela Ventures, Balaji Telefilms, Thangamayil, Flexituff, Indo Amines, United Spirits, Praj, IDFC, TIL India, Suven Life Sciences.

  • Tail and very LT holdings are:

  1. Pidilite
  2. Prozone Intu Properties
  3. Shemaroo
  4. Talwalkars
  5. Eris Life
  6. GSK Pharma
  7. CL Educate
  8. United Spirits
  9. Suven Life
  10. Mahindra Holidays
  11. Indraprasta Medical
  12. GE Shipping
  13. IP APPM
  14. Hotel Leela Ventures
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They are basically Sin stocks and people have the tendency not to get rid of Bad Habits in life so

I feel that the Stocks are in momentum and can continue to o well over the next few years as they are coming out of the bad news and high valuation phase.

• Talwalkars
• Prozone Intu Properties
• SKM Egg
• Royal Orchid
• Apar
• Uflex
• Advani Hotels
• Indigo
• Bajaj Electricals
• Suzlon
• Spice Island Apperals
• Ion Exchange
• Heritage Foods
• Delta Corp

• CRISIL-------Large
• Max Financial
• Fortis Healthcare
• Sarla Performance-------Large
• Rajratan Global Wire
• Idea-------Large
• Pennar Industries
• Khadims
• TV18-------Large
• Arvind-------Large