Please review my portfolio

I am new to stock market and doing mutual funds investments for past 7 years. Reading a lot and gaining knowledge from this forum and started making few investments for past 2 months. Finally I was able to come up with my portfolio list. Kindly review it.

Investment Goal: Provide 15-20% CAGR.
Time Frame : More than 5 years

I have not made investment but will be doing it over next 1 year in stages.

Infosys	                6% (1016)	May be Lagging now but surely pull up in future
TCS	                8% (2236)	Being in IT field would like to buy it
HDFC Bank	       8% (1196)	Market Leader with Consistent Performance
Welspun India	8% (66)	Purely for short term gain as its under valued
Eicher Motors	10% (will buy at 20-21K range)	Product quality of trucks and consistent performance
Wabco	                8% (5,299)	With regulatory decisions in auto sector should perform well in next few years
Bodal Chemicals	5% (133)	Turn around story and global chemical manuafacturing
Orient Refractories	8% (118)	MNC firm and global manufactoring
Nocil                     5% (Will but at 65-70 level)     Should give good results till anti dumping polices are still in place.
Sun Pharma 
Advanced Research	8% (323)	Once their research clicks, then it will bring huge profits
Shilpa Medicare	        8% (707)	API and other products
Sun pharma	         8% (638)	Pharma brand coming at low valuations
LPCA Labarotries       5% (558)	Not doing good now but may perform in coming years

Please note as I have not purchased complete portfolio purchased price may increase or decrease.

Thanks in advance.

Could you please indicate the price tags as well.

Thanks @BullMoon. I updated original post. I just invested 1/4 of my expected portfolio. Will be adding further in every dips.