Please refrain from putting up Low-Quality/Irrelevant Threads or Posts


Thank you members for your vigilance in pointing out irrelevant threads/posts. As this is becoming a frequent issue, we thought of including this formally in Forum Guidelines.

Please refrain from putting up irrelevant posts that hampers the discussion flow and debases the overall quality of discussions. Thank you for your vigilance - your continued vigilance will ensure ValuePickr can remain largely a self-moderated high-quality community.

We are exploring the possibility of including a “Like/Dislike” functionalitywith the upcoming release (actually planned for later). The direct feedback from the community should work better in setting standards.

Ps: Example of a post catching the "ire’ of fellow members in a probing discussion on the recent debacle in CEBBCO discussion thread. There were several other instances which have been deleted which are seemingly irrelevant or refers to a technical calls minus any depth or reference to fundamentals.

Posted byAdministratorat Monday 20:03

Re: Low Quality/Irrelevant Posts

Thanks TCX and Hemant Bhatia for your vigilance and pointing out low-quality irrelevant posts. As ValuePickr attracts more new members - one of the main reasons cited - is the high quality of discussions. Its our responsibility to keep up that reputation.

Infact Mr Vivek Bhauka has been warned before from starting irrelevant low quality threads - many such threads have been deleted, after he ignored repeated polite reminders from fellow members. Forum guidelines will be updated with a request to members to refrain from/be vigilant against “Irrelevant Low-Quality” posts.

The “Like/Dislike” functionality was planned for a subsequent Release. We will explore if that can be included in the upcoming release.

Previously TCX wrote:

Vivek Bhauka,

Please refrain from cluttering up discussion space with irrelevant/unnecessarytwo-liners.

Your two-liners are often irrelevant and franklyirritating! Please respect the quality of discussion at ValuePickr. Please do not debase it.

@Donald/Administrator - Please consider including Like/Dislike buttons as possible. highly recommend a “Dislike” button - that will come in handy for irrelevant/low-quality posts like these, and also educate Mr Bhauka with direct feedback from the community.

Previously Vivek Bhauka wrote:

this was coming…had said to stay away from such mid caps…no use to trade in them when reliance is there

Earlier instances of low-quality/irrelevant posts by same member (these have been deleted)

A bland 2-3 lines - "what do you think of ABCD at current levels…solid management…can be a multibagger ", or “ABCD great buy at 63-65-limited downside-good chance 15-30% upside” " If you do not understand the business…don’t worry…play technicals…that’swhy its called a market " are not the kind of discussion we want to encourage at ValuePickr.

The same 2 liner seems to be persisting post this warning. Request Administrator to have a look at this issue.

Another example of persistent low-quality posts from the Member. Seems totally unaware of the quality of post and the irritation/frustration reactions that such posts invoke in otherwise mature/tolerant senior Members.Several complaints have been received over the past month.

Member has been served a final warning. Any further violation will lead to automatic suspension of membership.

Thanks for your continued vigilance and support in maintaining discussion quality levels.


Posted byVivek Bhaukaat Tuesday 14:54


its been just the start of a good downtrend…as markets are still not cheap on large cap side…we have ways to go down…because as i see markets at same levels after 5-8 years…things will move in cycle…

i had made a category–time to sell–in valuepickr at 6000-6100 nifty levels but could not get it now…

hence we are here to see a grind will follow later…stay away from mid/small caps other than those showing strength…take the long term range of 3500-6500 …hence we are still in the start of the downtrend…

staying invested in a falling market and yet come out unburned is an art…thats what make successful investors different


IMHO, we should also have some rules for creating threads which are not about specificcompany and mostly about general investment thesis,theory,market commentary etc etc…

The idea is,

1). when a newbie joins sometime in future, he should find the forum easy to browse and learn and not get lost in lacs of threads. Each member instead can be encouraged to post his/her investment thesis/theory/commentary related posts in his specific thread (like portfolio Q&A) and not create a individual thread for every topic. We can have exceptions for general knowledge topics which are not just opinions.

2). With so many new threads getting created every day, which attract only a couple of comments and insights from other senior members, it’s becoming a very cluttered space.

Hi Raj,

Point Taken. Thanks for writing with your feedback/suggestions. Specific instances will help.

The Q&A sections (Portfolio, Company and Investing Basics) were created to have members have a free run with quick queries & replies. Techno Funda picks - too has its agenda cut out. We assume these sections are useful to a certain audience, and being properly seggregated, do not clutter up other wholesome in-depth discussions.

You must be finding other sections getting cluttered up with irrelevant threads being opened. Please take the trouble of providing a few links to illustrate frequent pain points. We will surely take measures to balance the demand for quality, easy navigation, and creative/intellectual freedom.


Dear Admin,

You have put me in really difficult spot :wink:

At the cost of sounding harsh , below are few instances from recent history(only). Some of them may be well worth, but few may not. I understand it’s a difficult call. My idea is from an angle where posts stand the test of time, and someone joining few years from now can go through them and feel his learning curve taking a leap in quick time and not get lost in reading too many thread with just 10 odd comments.

I am seeing a spike in such thread creation in the past few months/days and hence you may consider this as a early alarm bell :slight_smile:

My apologies to individual owner/members of the above threads, this is not finger pointing exercise at all. Just a suggestion, which we can discuss,debate and decide upon.