Please identify a tool for getting sector wise ,company wise -p&l , debt ,cap employed .. data ,debt , data

Need help i was getting the basic info of sector -company wise,sales.ebidta ,debt growth number , valuation , … from edelweiss old tracker website which was i able to paste in excel and do basic comparison , but now that is disabled just a sample attached from pharma sector (upload://dXdK4523tGH9AsjBHHkWWV1vhU8.PNG)

i have extensively used screen but than i can not get sector wise grouped data to filter out and export

Thanks again and all suggestions are welcome

uploaded the sample which i was able to get from the website and do comparison

Valuation sheet by Moti or Iifl institution gives that option will have stocks under their coverage , sector wise etc can be viewed . Most larger brokers do provide