Platform to Invest in Bonds

Hello All,

I’m looking for a platform to invest in bonds in India… Any good platform recommendation please…

I see it is not available in discount brokerage like zerodha.



Zerodha backed.


Would appreciate if you can share your experience if you’ve used it, regarding transactions, charges and taxation related reports.

There’s also Wintwealth I’ve heard about, but yet to use. If anyone uses it, please do share your experience.

Disclosure : Not a recommendation. So far I’ve only been using RBI Direct Retail platform for bond investments.

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@StonePitbull : Wintwealth is not listing all corporate bonds that are listed in other platforms like hdfcsec or goldenpi. Mostly they list only senior secured bonds.

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You can invest through Zerodha coin (bond MF) and Kite.

You need to learn how to search bonds in kite may be.
Write to zerodha.

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Hi @StonePitbull

I would really appreciate if you could share your experience on RBI retail direct. Few of my questions are below.

  1. How easy/difficult was it to open your account.
  2. How is the platform. Does it give good information about your investments.
  3. How liquid is GOI 10yrs bond and what is the spread
  4. Is there any transaction cost.
  5. Does it provide all the calculations. Like current notional profit/loss, accrued interest, YTM, CMP of bond,
  6. Does it show other types of available bonds like zero coupon, floating rate, callable, putable, convertible etc.
  7. How is your overall experience and how satisfied you are.

Hi Manhar,

  1. Opening Account is easy, you just have to fill in the details

  2. The platform seems okay (not the best UI), it goes give information about your investments.

  3. I haven’t explored the Secondary Market much, as I mostly placed my bids directly from my account and not from NDS-OM. I am yet to sell any bonds and will need to some poking around to figure out.

  4. None for buying, remains to be seen if there’s any for selling.

  5. No. Nothing. You only see generic details about the bonds you have purchased not the dynamic info.

  6. Not sure about all of them, I’ve seen fixed, floating and zero coupon bonds listed so far.

  7. Its been really basic, I need to explore NDS-OM more maybe that will make my experience better.

Disclosure : I’m a rookie when it comes to bond investing and RBI Retail platform will frustrate beginners.


I have used Wint wealth, India Bonds and Golden Pie. I find India bonds the best as you get dedicated RM and bonds are listed with all due diligence. Wint wealth is next but there is only one bond issue per month and you can’t hold funds as the issues are mostly BBB secured bonds these days. Altifi is another platform and I can see many options there. I got inspired by Randomdimes blogs and they cover most of the alternate investments available.


I heard about Kotak Cherry. Anybody used that platform?

I did not use it, did not buy. Sharing for educational purpose.


Hey! You can invest in Govt. and State bonds - which might not give as high returns as Corp bonds but you can sleep soundly knowing your payments will be managed by RBI.
These bonds are listed on BSE/NSE as well so no need to go through a non-transparent process as is in case of Corp bonds offered by some online platforms.
Best part is you can invest as little as Rs. 1000/- and buy/sell on exchange anytime.

We have launched a small knowledge portal with details of these bonds which you can check here -

In case of any further help feel free to ping me!

1 Like is a good platform where they curate bonds which are safe for investment

You can do it with finvasia. It’s a commission free and safe platform, you can check it.

Hello All,

Thanks for the response so far… Can anyone let me know their experience with GoldenPi? I found many corporate bonds in the platform but I’m unsure if they will also help in selling the bonds back in market effortlessly.


Where i can find a list of all the bonds listed in Indian Markets?

I personally use , they may not have all the listed bonds but most are available.

there are many similar platforms available like golden pi, wint wealth etc

After purchasing in India Bonds, can I sell the bonds before maturity?

Yes you can.
But selling bond is not like selling stocks, you will have to put them request then they will find buyer, after that you will have to send physical slip, then the transaction will happen.

has liquidity on NDS-OM improved over the year or is it still difficult to find buyer?