Pincon Spirit Stock

Has anyone analysed this stock recently? I went through Screener and a couple of other content over the web.

Suggest your opinion as to can it be bought at current levels for long term?

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fantastic buy at cmp…expansion plans in place…industry commands goods valuations…
this one available cheap

Do study in detail about the promoters. Think the main guy was arrested 5+ years ago for some bank related issue

@dubyrex I could not find anything against the management. Could you post some link or pointers to the information. Thanks in advance.

Monoranjan Roy, the owner of edible oil company Pincon, was arrested at his Jadavpur home on Sunday night for allegedly cheating a nationalised bank of Rs 5.5 crore.

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Can anyone explain how the promoter shareholding is nil - 0% in this company? Are there no SEBI rules on minimum promoter holding in a company?

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There are No Sebi rules for minimum promoter holding.


@manishinlucknow But even then it is very difficult to understand why promoters have declassified themselves? What is wrong with being a promoter?

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anyone know about pincon

Amitesh Naryan

Sub: Complaint against illegal, false and misleading display of statements and information in the Personal Finance Update website (

Dear Sir,

I Mr. Manoranjan Roy,the Managing Director of Pincon Spirits Ltd having its registered office at 7, Red Cross Place, 3rd Floor, Kolkata- 700001, which is widely acclaimed for its reputation and quality of service since time immemorial and has a good long standing business and as such has carved a niche for myself in the service industry has a reputed and a distinguished goodwill in the region and pay huge excise duty with the exchequer, would like to inform you that to the utmost bewilderment the website address,has been unauthrorizedly, illegally and falsely displaying an article regarding news stating and/or alleging me with some denied and disputed offences.

I would like to take this opportunity to place on record that I had been released and/or acquitted of the alleged offences as per FIR No. RC BSK 2010 E 0002 by the Ld. 14th Metropoliton Magistrate, Kolkata on 02.12. 2008, wherein, the Ld. Judge vide an order dated 30.03.2011 had held that no sufficient evidence was marshaled during investigation against my complicity in the crime and hence was not sent up for trial. It is hereby envisaged that such false reporting is an attempt to attribute false, misleading and malicious statements. Such negligent attitude is harming my embellished reputation and consequently affecting the business transactions. I hereby call upon to strict proof of the veracity and the contents of the wrong statements as attributed by te publisher.

It is pertinent to note that I have never been convicted of any offence and thereby such act and/or misconduct is unwarranted in the eyes of law. Such false reporting and publication and/or display of false and misleading statements have caused great and irreparable harm to my reputation. In furtherance I state that such misleading and completely false statements have been deliberately made with the intention to malign my reputation and also to lower his social prestige. And henceforth I reiterate that the removal and/or deletion of such false article is subject to immediate necessary action.

In the light of the aformentioned circumstances, I hereby call upon you to forthwith take appropriate and necessary steps and action against such publisher and effect investigation in order to remove such article from the website with immediate effect.

A copy of such order is enclosed herewith for your records and reference and immediate compliance.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours faithfully

Manoranjan Roy

It seems that the item has been removed from the blog:

Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Post Unavailable
In response to a legal request submitted to Google, we have removed this post. If you wish, you may read more about the request at
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Hmm… But how come the above link is still working???

Can any body provide the breakup revenue of Trading & Own brands IMFL?
Low PE may be because large amount of revenue coming from trading of IMFL. Any way their own brands IMFL revenue growing at fast rate.
And any body though some light on how is their brand will of Edible oil?

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When I click this link:

I see this:

Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Post Unavailable
In response to a legal request submitted to Google, we have removed this post. If you wish, you may read more about the request at
Posted by Amitesh Naryan at 3:40 AM

Very good results by Pincon

Market responding positively for result with upper circuit. UC may continue for few more days as stock is far below 52w high.

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Latest updates

  1. Maiden dividend approved in AGM, dividend will credit soon
  2. NSE listing pending
  3. Pincon acquired IMIL bottling plant of National Industries Corporation

Improving fundamental are reflecting in price. Stock today made new 52W high with heavy volumes

Disclosure: Invested from lower levels

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GM Breweries came out with stellar Q3 numbers. Net profit increased due to less raw material cost. If same is the case with Pincon. Q3 would be blockbuster.

Disc: Invested in Pincon, Not invested in GM Breweries

Mr. ROY is holding 30% shares & 30% by other related to promoters.
Check AR.

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As part from 30% Mr. Roy holding shares of subsidiaries which are not 100% subsidiaries of Pincon.

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Hi all. ny views on the public offer? not sure what to make of it.

This is my first analytical post on VP, feel free to correct where I’m mistaken! :slightly_smiling:

Just had a quick look at the accounts. Mr. Roy is holding 29% of the shares and is picking up another 30%. Second biggest shareholder is Anushri Textiles, a family business based out of Kolkata. However, I had the following observations on performance:

  1. There’s a big spike in unsecured loan from director during FY 15. Where is this being utilised?
  2. Margins on traded liquor and FMCG goods are wafer thin, 1.6% and 3% respectively. The sales volumes are big yoy but that’s contributed by the FMCG business which was in its first full year during FY 15. That leaves manufactured liquor to justify the margin expansion in future.
  3. The latest acquisition is a 55% stake in a bottling company. Subsidiary results are lackluster at best.