Petition to Prof. Sanjay Bakshi

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Hi All,

The more we read Prof. Bakshi’s ppts, the more we learn about investing and worldly wisdom in general. However, there exists a pain point amongst value investors, atleast in India. Not many have attended a terrific Prof’s finance class - not to mention Prof Bakshi.

Although Prof Bakshi has been generous enough to post his ppts online, it is obviously not the same as listening to the Master. Many of us, at various points in time, would have pondered as to how it would be to listen to the Prof, sitting in his class. But we have wondered only individually.

I have created a petition to rectify this, and I am targeting 100 signatures before I forward it to the Prof. If enough people sign it, the Prof is bound to take notice and action. So, kindly read the petition and if you agree, please sign it. Spread the word.

P.S: Of course, there is no guarantee that online petitions work. There is also no guarantee that the Prof will take due notice of this petition and act on it. The only guarantee we have is that if we sign it collectively, the Prof will take much better cognizance than if we keep wondering individually.



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Great initiative Kiran.

Signed the petition, lets hope and pray that he accepts our request. Not sure whether MDI will allow it.

I heard from my MDI friends, that Professor is very receptive and anyone can ask for his permission and go and attend the lectures at MDI.

It is better to reach out to him directly rather than putting an online petition. I have dropped him a mail, let’s wait for the reply.

Thanks Anil.

Rudra - Many of us at various points in time had requested the Prof to put his classes online (on the blog and via email). However, whatever the reason, it has not fructified. The effort of online petition was undertaken to showcase the Prof. that there is a large ‘collective’ audience waiting for his classes to be put up online and hoping that ‘collective’ is more persuasive than individual requests.


We received more than 100 signatures within a space of one day (and counting). Once we hit 100 signatures, I immediately dropped a mail to the Prof., giving him the link to the petition as well as the comments and signatures and emphasized our commitment to learn. I have not received a response yet, but will put up the response once I receive it.

Hurrah people. Here is the mail sent by the Prof -

Dear Kiran,

I am surprised there are so many fans out there. Thanks for this initiative. I will see what can be done next year as this year’s lectures are almost over. I will also try to get more active on my blog. You can tell that to all the petitioners and please do thank them for all the interest as well as all the adulation I get from them.

Once my course is over, I will also invite any petitioner to become a member of the class google group where there are lots more material than just slides which I put up on my site.

Hope this will make you (and the petitioners) happy :slight_smile:


Sanjay Bakshi

Dear Sir,

At the outset, I, on behalf of more than 100 investors (in India and otherwise) would like to thank you for putting up your BFBV material on your site. The more we read about your investing thought process and your ppts over the years, the more we learn about investing and worldly wisdom in general.

However, there exists a pain point within the value investing community today where majority of us haven’t learnt from a terrific Finance Prof directly. Although you have been generous to put your ppts online, we all feel that it is no where close to listening directly from a Master.Many of us, at various points in time, would have pondered as to how it would be to listen to the Prof, sitting in his class. But we have wondered only ‘individually’ (and I am sure you would have heard such thoughts on your blog).

I wanted to rectify the situation in some small way by putting up a petition online requesting you to put up your classes online and asked people to sign in, if they were interested. I am delighted to let you know that more 100 people (and counting, by the hour) have signed this petition within a space of one day. I wanted to forward you their signatures and comments and let you know that there is a huge audience out here who is willing to learn investing and worldly wisdom from you directly if you could put your classes (along with ppts) also online. I understand that there might be logistical issues, but I hoped that a ‘collective’ audience would do a much better job in persuading you to put up your classes online than ‘individually’.

Please do go through the petition, signatures and comments which emphasize our commitment to learning from you, even from a distance. Hope you accept our petition and request and put up your classes (whenever they happen - streaming or recorded) online.

Petition link:

Comments and Signatures of interested investors attached.



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Superb! Congratulations Kiran for the great initiative. Well done :slight_smile:


Dear Members, Prof. Bakshi mentioned about his class google group in his reply. Can you please let me know about how to sign up for the group or reach out to Prof Bakshi or an existing member to sign up for his class google group. Thank you so much.

It will be a great opportunity if it happens.

I know of Aswath Damodaran’s NYU Stern class videos available online. Prof. Bakshi’s videos will be great as it’ll include social psychology and have indian examples.

Great Initiative, Kiran.

When I was studying from Prof. in 2008, I remember few people wanting to come from outside and attend the lectures but there were administrative hastles from MDI.

I decided to re-do his course in 2009 after completing my course and during my jobs. I use to hide from the administration and go and sit with the juniors to attend the course.

I think such a petition might just give a thrust to MDI administration. Cheers. Hope for the best !!!



Is there another petition being made to Prof Bakshi? If so I will be very keen to be part of this.

In the interim, can anybody guide on how to join Google groups?