Perfect Infraengineers Limited

Key Managerial Person (KMPs) –

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Nimesh Mehta CEO
2 Manisha Mehta CFO
3 Krishna Mehta Whole Time Director

About Perfect Infraengineers Limited –

The company was established in 1992. Earlier the company was into contracting with the brands like Daikin, LG, etc. Then later in 2015, PIL started manufacturing electric panels. However, the same was discontinued as the product was not the right fit for the market. Later on, the management got the opportunity to meet the management of SunTrac USA. Currently, Perfect Infra manufactures and sells the Hybrid Thermal System (HTS) which works on the technology developed by the SunTrac USA. The company currently has around 20-25 employees working in the factory located at Rabale MIDC, Navi Mumbai.

About SunTrac USA –

SunTrac USA is also a small sized company similar to Perfect Infraengineers Limited. By the nature of operations, it is a R&D company. The company has a team of over 20-25 people and has sold approximately 1,000 HTS panels.

Collaboration with SunTrac USA –

In 2021, PIL has collaborated with the SunTrac USA to introduce the HTS panels in India for a revolutionary, cleaner & greener way of installing and operating HVAC systems. With this collaboration, ‘Perfect’ will be the only manufacturing unit of SunTrac outside USA. All orders of Middle East regions, Australia & Asia will be supplied from existing Perfect’s manufacturing facility at Navi Mumbai. The working of the HTS panel is explained in the video (HTS Panel Working - YouTube).

The product was later tested by Intertek, which is a UK based company that specializes in testing, inspecting and certifying products. It provides Total Quality Assurance to industries worldwide. Intertek has certified that PIL’s product HTS saves up to 40% energy. The product was also tested by entities like Mantralaya (PWD) and Siemens Limited. These entities have given a report stating that the said product saves at least 30% energy. The company has also posted the reports of various clients where the HTS is installed (

I personally feel that the product (HTS Panel) has a lot of potential to penetrate into the market. Let me know if you have any thing to add.

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Thanks for starting the thread and for the sharing the information.

Did come across this name through my own screener, seemed promising but of course riddled with uncertainties. But since Im not the only one looking into it, I think I can start putting out my own research on this thread. So, im glad about that.

First Impressions of PERFECT for me are :

Really small but capable firm.
promising because of their association with the american entity, but that also forms a grave risk.
FCF positive
Current, D/E are at good levels.
ROCE & ROE in negatives tell me some big changes are needed, add the current (as of today) Asset Turnover to it.
Decreased Promoter Holding is never a good sight to see at the first look.

Its like the business stopped performing in 2020 and 2021 evident through the skyrockting inventory days, and ROCE ratio.

But its still not a fundamentally flawed business, which is why I cant find myself discarding it completely from my list.

Will engage more upon your response.