Peer comparison isn't appropriate


So far i’ve been manually trying to figure out peers for a company for drawing comparisons however i see that generally the information isnt correct.
I’m currently looking at sundram fastners and the peer comparison is like this.

I’m not sure where exide or amaraja fits in when it comes to manufacturing fasteners.

Its nearly the same story even with moneycontrol .
So my question is , are you guys aware of any place where i can look at actual competitive companies or its a manual effort only.

thanks in advance.

Most sites categorize stocks based on their industries. So, in this case, Sundaram Fasteners is categorized as an auto-ancilliary. And that determines the competition. It is a hit and miss kind of grouping, because hardly ever are 2 companies alike. So, if you want to do a like-for-like comparison, I guess you will have to build your own competitive grouping.

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Thanks for the info. Time to build my own list :slight_smile: