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Hi Friends,

Thought of sharing my portfolio.Attached the screenshot of the portfolio along with average buy price and allocation percentages


Some Thesis on stocks that i have selected

1.) Dmart:- Felt that it will grow 20% CAGR going forward with their store expansion plan from 300 stores to 1500 stores. Agreed that valuation is expensive but i am fine with it. Felt the management is very good with their captial deployment.

2.) BCL Industries:- Bought due to the ethanol expansion plan. Theirs is grain based.BCL from current 400KLPD to 700 KLPD. Company has made some capitial deployment in Real estate previously which was over only some apartments and plots are present which management planning to clear them off going forward also no plan in Real estate. Their entire capex comes under interest subvention scheme means PLI because of that they got loan at very much cheaper roughly 4-4.5%. One more thing is their machinery is good for generating both ENA and Ethanol because of that they can switch depeneding on the need. Valuation is also cheaper.

3.) Gulshan polyols:- Again Bought due to the ethanol expansion plan. Gulshan also grain based and expansion plan upto 750KLPD. Apart from that they are into starch based and management given guidance of double the revenue by FY24.

4.) Krsnaa Diagnostics:- It is like DMART in diagnostics sector which offers diagnostics at very cheap rates. Very much convinced with their plans going forward. you can look at @Chins portfolio and his twitter he has given detailed explanation related to it.

5.) Saregama and Tips Industries:- Going forward that Music Industry is going to grow at 25% CAGR. Liked both TIPS and saregama. TIPS due to managment effiency and proper capitial allocation to the songs. Saregama due to their songs portfolio size.

6.) Lux Industries:- Bought it due to valuation but after going through thread in value pickr thought of dropping it. As of now invested very small amount once it comes to my buy price or close to it will remove it from my portfolio

7.) Fair Chem organics:- They are into oleochemical derivates. Value educator youtube channel has explained related to it in very detail. After going through it felt that it has potential to become Fine organics. Even thought will serve different oleochemical derivates. will continue to build position and planned for long term.

8.) PPL Pharma:- Made very minor tracking position in PPL Pharama. still going through various sources to understand their business.

All views are welcome


Do you have only this stocks portfolio as a complete equity portfolio or you also have Equity Mutual funds too and this is just a small part of your overall equity portfolio…?

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Apart from this i am doing sip in UTI Small cap fund and parag parikh tax saver fund. My portfolio size is small hence taken concentrated bets. Going forward planning to diversify between 15-20 stocks.

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