Part Time Post Graduate Program on Capital Markets

Hi All,

I am looking for Part time Post Graduate Program related to Capital Markets.
Is anyone aware of any such Part time Post Graduate program related to capital markets ?

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PGPSM from NISM is good, but its a 1 year residential program.
Try out NISM certification series

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Thank you @aayushamj for your reply. I will take a look athe NISM certification series.
But I am looking for a Post graduate degree.

NISM offers Certificate Series also.
But in my opinion,
1.If you are just starting out in stock market, keep 30% of your cash with you liquid at all times.
2. Invest the rest 70% in 15 companies with 10% allocation in each stock.
3. 7 out of these 15 should be large caps and rest 8 should be mid caps and small caps in equal ratio.
4. Dont look at your portfolio every day.
5. Correct your portfolio once every 45 days. Add remove stock or increase allocation in stocks.
6. Over a period of 1 year you would see a substantial increase in holding value.
7. Never Ever Ever rely on tips by a person, Company, Firm - Even If Past Record has been great. Do your own Research. Its your money. You know best how to handle it.

Best knowledge is through books and videos most of which are available for free on the internet.

List of Books
1.Five Rules for Successful Investing, Pat Dorsey
If you want a practical do-it-yourself, step by step tutorial on how to analyse/research a stock in-depth, this is a no contest, hands down winner!
Level - Easy
2. Intelligent Investor, Ben Graham
Important foundation book
Level - Hard
3. One up on Wall Street, Peter Lynch
One really didn’t need to be a hot-shot analyst to spot winners!
Level - Medium
4. .Common Stocks Uncommon Profits - Phil Fisher
The book is a fascinating read
Level - Hard
5. The investment checklist, Michael Shearn - Process, Process and Process Oriented
Level - Hard

Articles and Videos:
Michael Mouboussins article called " Big is better "


Thanks a lot @aayushamj.
I have already completed reading few investment books.
Basically I wanted to have a Post Graduate degree, I am from Engineering background, but I am not interested in taking up M Tech

I am interested in Value Investing & Behavioral finance, So I just wanted to take up a part time Post Graduate degree if available.

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Thanks @aayushamj for the Invite.
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You could also look at MOOCs on Coursera.

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Relax @aayushamj

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