Pankaj's Portfolio

Dear Forum Members!

I’m posting my portfolio on this forum so that I can learn from the fellow members to improvise my investment methodology and insights from the fellow members.

The portfolio is divided in Three Parts:

  1. Core Portfolio - comprising ~70% of the Portfolio
    Reliance Industries 8.0%
    HDFC Bank 8.3%
    Garden Reach Ship Builders 6.4%
    Edelwiess Financial 3.0%
    Care Rating 8.3%
    HDFC Standard Life 6.2%
    ITC 5.0%
    Motilal Oswal 5.4%
    L&T Infotech 3.6%
    HDFC 3.2%
    Petronet LNG 0.9%
    Gail 2.0%
    NOCIL 1.8%
    Ion Exchange 1.7%
    Balrampur Chini 1.2%
    Ashok Leyland 1.3%
    Biocon 1.9%
    cdsl 1.6%

  2. Non Core Portfolio - comprising ~20% of the Portfolio

Natco Pharma 2.0%
Aditya Birla Capital 2.0%
Tata Steel 2.2%
Himmatsinga 1.6%
Tata Elexi 1.4%
Allcargo Logistics 1.3%
Gujarat Borosil 0.9%
Borosil Glass Works 0.5%
HPCL 0.8%
Coal India 1.3%
BEL 1.4%
EID Parry 1.5%
Anup Engineering 0.7%
Graphite India 1.0%

  1. Value buys - ~10% of the portfolio (stocks trading at less than BV, or special situations etc.)
    Elpro International 2%
    NIIT LTD 2%
    IIFL Securities 0.7%
    Indiabulls Housing 1.6%
    IDFC 2.4%
    Praxis 0.9%
    BSE Ltd 2%

PS: I started investing in markets in 2011 but so far have been able to manage only 10% kind of returns. Now actively learning so that to have a 15% kind of returns from the portfolio.

Thanks in advance!


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How much of your top 3 stocks (currently CARE, HDFC Bank, Reliance Ind) has changed since 2011? Also the current top 3 is a recent allocation or a something that you have been carrying and has appreciated over time? In my mind you are not allocating more to your top performers and have instead added to your tail which is affecting the returns at a portfolio level.

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I don’t have any of the stock which I bought in 2011. I started small with 20K in 2011 after I completed graduation.

My first Investment in Reliance Industries which i’m currently holding was in Sep 2015. However I’ve recently trimmed 33% of my holdings here.

HDFC Bank started buying in Feb 2018 and currently tracking the succession plan of Mr. Aditya Puri.

Care I first bought in Nov 2017 at 1400 levels. Avg cost now is around 630.

Actually most of the investments are either fresh or holding and adding for last 2 years

You have 7 stocks for which you have an allocation of 5%. May be you can increase that to 10 stocks or increase the allocation, if you have conviction. Rather than having too many stocks with small allocation, I hope it would be better to invest that in a good mutual fund. So that your portfolio will be manageable.

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