Overseas investments


I don’t know if I am not following code of value picker.

More inspired by peter lynch and munger on longer term return I would like to put in my own interpretation on it about overseas investments.

Stocksultimatelywill have to follow the fundamentals of the business, technical calls is something I have hard time understanding.

The macro picture in India is a mess through there are some great companies here.

This budget was a was of time, next budget will be a waste of money(election season).

There are countries like Iraq, Vietnam, Myanmar, Mangolia not very popular but there are business sectors which are at initial stages of growth and financial/stock markets are at infancy.

They kinda remind me about India in 90s. The growth rate of some of theses countries are 10%+.

The margin of safety would be getting at a stage when the countries/business sectors have demonstrated fundamental and sustainable growth.

For eg in Irag telecom companies are growing kind alike India…People will need telecom more desperately even before roads, healthcare, and security returns to normal.

Wouldn’t it be beneficial for it to atleast take a look at these values opportunities?

PS: I have never invested overseas.

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