OT - Job Opening - Equity/Bond Research Analyst (2-5 yrs)

Hiring Research Analyst (CA 1st attempt /CFA 1st attempt /MBA tier 1 colleges) with 2-5 yrs exp in equity/bond research. Position based in Muscat, Oman in a very large fund house. Salary very attractive. Only people with relevant qualification and experience should apply. Interview will happen in Mumbai on 22nd/23rd Feb.

Please let me know if any of your friends will be interested. E-mail: sriram82@gmail.com

P.S: Not sure if posting this message is withing forum guidelines and where it should be posted. Please delete if this is not within guidelines.

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Sriram Jaganmohan,

Interesting! And definitely not unwelcome.

There are over ~1000+ analysts registered at ValuePickr. Roughly 1 in 5 joining is an Analyst.So this content category may be relevant to a niche audience here! Though you may not see direct participation (work constraints), but there is a large enough select audience who might preview.

This could be a FREE service for this select audience. We need to monitor that only bonafide Fund Houses/PMS/Family Fund groups registered with ValuePickr are allowed to post here - again to ensure quality - that this service/facility is taken seriously by both sides.

Sriram - Keep us posted if you find a spurt in responses. (this shows inherent promise to become a regular category in time)

Audience - if you think this service is useful for folks like you drop in a mail to Editor at ValuePickr dot com and also to Sriram’s Id quoted earlier.

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Hi Donald,

Thanks. I already got a response from a valuepickr analyst with his resume. I have also posted this message in few other places. So difficult to judge who is responding based on which site unless somebody quotes it. But response has been very good.

Yes this one deserves to be a separate category. The other reason i posted here is because there are so many experienced guys and they may know someone who is young, hard working, passionate and very smart (these are the qualities we are looking for) and may refer them.

Best Regards,


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Hi Donald,

Overall got some 7-8 responses from the site.

We have given offer letter to 3 analyst members of ValuePickr.



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That’s wonderful. Keep us posted on how many do join!

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I am looking to expand the research team at intelsense.in

At Intelsense, we are focused on three different styles of investing- long-term, technofunda and quantitative investing for a diverse range of clients in India and across the world.

The best-fit candidate would be:

  • Passion for equities and equity analysis is the primary criterion.

  • Honest, hard-working and ready to learn. As we are a small team, a good person to work with is the most important criterion.

  • Able to analyse businesses, do deep-dive into company financial statements and perform valuations.

  • Able to interact with company management /investor relations to understand the company strategy.

  • Conduct primary research (e.g. channel checks, dealer interactions, exploring expert networks etc)

  • Ability to explain thoughts clearly through writing and excellent written and verbal English communication skills

  • Possessing strong analytical skills and a good understanding of finance and accounting concepts.

  • Excellent with MS Excel, preferably with VBA macro writing skills.

Educational Qualification: CA/CFA/MBA Finance/Masters in Commerce or Economics.

Anyone interested should apply with the following:

  1. Brief CV

  2. Written research report on any listed company in India or any Indian sector. Reports should be in pdf format only and in the English language. Any blog post or social media publication showing proof of work is important.

Please send your details to hr@intelsense.in.

NOTE: DO NOT just only send your CV. The research report or proof-of-work is the primary criterion for shortlisting.

We will revert back to the shortlisted candidates only.