Oswal Greentech Multibagger in Making

I was trying to find few cash reach companies with low valuation and came across company called Oswal Greentech.


Below Points which I could collect which i would like to share and get additional ideas from

  1. Oswal Green Techgreen : Market cap aprpx : 740 Crs against net worth of 2100 Crs

  2. Q1 : Net profit posted at 53 Odd crs , with EPS of 2 Yearly EPS can be worked out apprx 6-8 range and in that stock is trading at P/E of Just 4 on current year basis

  3. Company having good amount of cash/cash equivalent in books or equivalent of cash by way of Liquid Mutual fund/holding in news channel News Nation and NDTV ,
    Company owns 50 % stake in News Nation,
    Company owns Big no of shares in NDTV, link can be found as below to re-confirm


company owns apprx 350 Crs equivalent cash /bank balance which can be found below link which also has many other details about company and their valuation thought think link is old however assumed there should not be major changes.

  1. Company owns Land parcel in various part of country.
  2. Key trigger for Re-rating
    Company to launch new real estate project, Centra Green , Real estate project to be launched for booking soon ,Centra Green is a apprx 1.4 million square feet project and expected to do appx 650 cr of Revenue.
    Apart from Centra Green the company is developing two more projects in Ludhiana worth 5 lac square feet each. Additionally the company owns some 13 acre land in Rishra .
    On overall basis this company is available at very cheap valuation and even if one start buying entire business at current valuation their cash/cash equivalent and other asset itself can give much higher valuation without taking care of future business prospects / real estate play
    Negative: There is issue on ownership between Mother and Son
    Request members to share more details and analysis on this company

Why company is not paying dividend? Is cash real? Why small investors are not rewarded but wealth of investors eroded? Better to buy company having good ROE and ROCE. We don’t know when cheap valuation become junk!! Protection of capital is first priority

There is corporate governance issue with this company. Simple google search by the name of promoters will reveal about many litigation’s and issues.