One liners based on current industry perception

Some industries or items will sell more…based on commonsense perception… So I want to share my one liner analysis.

  1. Gillette. With higher share of India’s population between 25-40… Shaving blades will sell more. And anyways…blades is irrespective of upper age demographics.
  2. Pharma cos into Generics. Paracetamol, cough syrups, pain killers, BP, diabetes, anti allergic, acidity regulator, spasmodic, etc…will sell more. All generics manufacturers will sell more
  3. Plywood manufacturers. With the hope that Indians do not start buying cheap Chinese ready sets…and the infra growth continues…they will sell more.
  4. Online retailers whether garments or consumer goods…with increasing cell phones with internet consumption, will.sell more. Shortlist some companies
  5. FMCG & milk or milk related products manufacturers… Will sell more… Shortlist some growing cos.
  6. Tiles, sanitary wear, building materials will sell more with general infra boom.

Warren buffet said… Investment is more a matter of Common Sense!.

I would add agriculture to that list. Land is finite. So we’ll need more automation (mechanization) and better chemicals, better seeds, to produce more. What say?


Yes. Correct. Paushak, insecticides India, Astec life sciences, Bayer, excel crop, dhanuka agritech.

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Are there some industries that will not do well?

Ecommerce and Flipkart? Kidding! :smile:

Heritage Foods, Hatsun Agro…
Heritage: invested

Demographics, increasing disposable incomes etc etc. can justify increased profits for almost all businesses from underwear to shampoos, agri, houses, roads, auto, steels, power, finance, luxury watches. I dont see the point in such posts.

By the way…thread is posted in wrong section.