Old shares bought in year 1994

Hi my dad had bought few shares of following companies in 1994, is it still valid. How to proceed with this can some one Pl help

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This video will give you an outline of what to do with these physically held shares.

Coming to the shares that your father bought

  1. MESCO still trades in BSE.


  1. This is what I found about Northland Sugar complex:


I hope this is of some use to you.

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I am enlcosing MCA link for update on the second investment of your. Sorry to inform but the company is under liquidation. In case, there is any excess fund avaialble after paying of outside liablility, you may get your share in left over.

Enclosing link as well screenshot for your reference.

Find enclosed details of suit filed by Banker against the company. From this, in my understanding, there would be no excess left over after payment of bank and other lenders due which would be available for distribution of shareholder.


Sir for the first share mideast steel will the person be eligible for the bonus and devident declare till date… How and where should we submit these certificates.