Old 2010 data for screeners

Hi ValuePickr,

Iam a new user to your site.

Accidently i came across your site while searching something else in Google. I should say, a very wonderful site with many options !!

Only negative point is the underlying data for the screeners is little old—2010.

How often are you planning to update the database?

One more tip: You can look moneycontrol.com and build your site accordingly.



I am completely in sync with Mohan. Team Valuepickr, please update us about your plans for updation of the database to include 2010-11 results of the companies.



Thanks Mohan & Sumit,

Team ValuePickr is literally a virtual team:).

We hope to be able to regularly update data once we have a regular team, which may or may not happen in 2-3 months time.

We have our constraints. Our aspirations are always bigger than our resources!

By the way, less than 2% of regular readers use the Stock Screener. If that functionality is being missed heavily by a lot of users, we need to see you barraging us with screener data update requests - that may help us prioritise:)

I would second Sumit. We may want to work with latest data :slight_smile: