Oh God ! Why I didn't find valuePicker earlier

Hi ValuePickr

First thing first : I reallyappreciateyour hard work towards making of ValuePickr. My firstimpression on ValuePickr is “Oh God! Why I didn’t find the ValuePickr earlier”. If I did, I could have save few money that I invested depending on “StockRecommendation” given in some website.

Since I’m new to stock research,I learned a lot from valuepickr’s content. I’m specially interested to learn cash flows. Probably the “Cash Flow” thing is not working right now because My screen with condition FreeCFlow<>0 do not list any company and in company data “Free Cash Flow” data is missing. When could we get it fixed ?

I tried to calculate operating cash flow fromfinancialstatement but not able to since I’m a bit challenged to Accountancy :).

Great Job !



We are glad that you find ValuePickr site useful for your needs.

ValuePickr Team is a virtual team! We have our constraints. Fixing cash flows data updates will take some time.

Thanks for bearing with us.

hi all,
I am new comer in this group. So to say frankly, I am not aware of this group and very lately came to know and joined this group. i am very happy to be a part and partial of this group. The discussions and microscopic analysing of each share is fantastic. The group discipline is also fantastic. hats off to all the Seniors in this group. I am a novice investor and still learning at the age of 60. I will learn and contribute some thing in future.
My request is please mention the mkt price of any share discussed on the heading itself as on the date of starting the thread. it is quite helpful for new investors to know at what price the share is discussed or recommended and as on today what is the price. Or else there is a chance of jumping in to a share with out knowing the price at which it was discussed or recommended by Experts.
with warm regards,