Not-so-hidden not-so-gems

I read about Lanco Infro. I have compiled my findings here.

So, Why the hell are you posting here…

You are plainly and shamelessly just promoting your blog out here, and definitely not adding any value.

Most of your entries are pathetic and posted under wrong heads.

I guess the moderator needs to take cognizance and ban this guy before he floods Valuepickr with spam and sub-standard posts

I agree Ashwini. This guy is polluting valuepickr with his blog postings.

investingkitten: Pls be aware of the implicit rules in such forums that constantly pimping your own blog links is not kosher practice. If you have anything to contribute, say it directly in the thread. (Doesn’t matter if you’ve also done it on yr own blog). But don’t link to your blog. Also, there is a min. criteria before you start a new thread. Pls respect those rules.

Abhishek had earlier reprimanded you on 30th Mar on Ajanta thread - seeing your response, I thought there was no need for any further flagging. But it seems like you might be back to your old ways.

If you continue, I would be forced to ping moderators directly and I’m sure they won’t hesitate to use the ban hammer on your profile.