Non filter columns?

First, the screener performance is blazing. Great work.

The thing I really started this thread was to see if it would make sense to allow variables to be added to the results table not for filtering, but for presentation/comparison purposes. An example is to allow EPS_LFY to be shown in the results table even if it is not part of a filter. I could take the circuitous route of specifying it as a filter with some absurd value making sure it doesn’t really filter anything, but then it would be inconsistent with the very nicely done rest of the site.

BTW, the ‘Execute’ tab might be better called ‘Results’.

Thanks! I am glad to see users moving to the next step, this fast:)

Its an important functionality that adds much to the quality of first-level info. We were thinking of doing this in a couple of ways.

1). Non-filter variables (can be specified while creating the screen)

2). Switched Views (allowing tabbed views of different Info sets e.g. Screened variables, Key Ratios, Profitability, Growth, Financial Health, etc.)

Lets get more reactions from users. There might be a couple of more ways!

Yes “Results” is far better than “Execute”:slight_smile:

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Option 2 Switched Views may be potentially better? - it can be applied to the Pre-defined screens too; whereas Option 1 needs to be specified while creating the screen

Switched views is certainly a better way, than explicitly specifying variables to include. That way it will become available ‘automatically’ for any screen.