Niyogin Fintech, the B2B Financial Inclusion

Niyogin Fintech Ltd is a fintech company and a registered NBFC.

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The Co. provides a digital platform that enables access to relevant services & products for MSMEs providing financial inclusion, credit, investments and SAAS services.

Business Offerings
Financial Inclusion:
It includes Domestic Money Transfer, Aadhaar Enabled Payment System, Micro ATM, among others.
Direct plans for Mutual Funds, Advisory and Fin. Planning, Insta cash, Corporate Deposit, Bonds, etc.

White Labeled Investment Platform (For distributors):
It supports investment in direct and regular mutual funds.
Institutional Offerings:
Corporate Treasury(Assistance to corporates in investing their idle funds), Analytics Solution (Build customer portfolios using Analytics)

Credit Solutions:
It Offer a wide variety of Secured loans (such as Loan Against Property, Home Loans, Balance Transfer etc) & Unsecured loans (Business Loans, Working Capital loans, etc) [1]

Business Verticals
Rural Tech- iServeU, which is the Co.’s ‘Banking as a Service’ (BaaS) platform, serves the Rural Tech segment. Rural Tech product stack includes Transaction-led Credit, Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS)/Micro-ATM (M-ATM), Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS), Domestic Money Transfer (DMT), Aadhaar pay, and Microinsurance.

Urban Tech-
Through this segment, the Co. serves the MSMEs on two fronts – Credit aggregation and Wealth Tech. The Wealth Tech segment is served by the Moneyfront platform. The Credit product stack includes unsecured working capital loans, transaction-centric short duration loans, and secured loans. The Wealth tech product stack includes - Direct-to-Individuals Platform, SaaS B2B Platform, and Wealth Analytics Platform.

Target Customer
A majority of the target customer base is the MSMEs, who traditionally have operated in an informal setup without any regulations.