Nihar Info Global ----E Commerce Player!

Hello All,
First of all, the past of this company was not great, however the present developments and as per management’s commentary in the latest AR, the company has started the E Commerce venture and when I checked the websites for this E Commerce they looked good.

They have around 7 different website to shop different kinds of things and all are linked to the main web site of the company :
As per management this is India’s first multilingual movie and entertainment portal launched in English, Hindi & Telugu with good number of views in past.

Now the big question is, will it be able to attract customers and compete the unlisted bug giants Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.?

Well, that’s a quite tough job because on today’s date, maximum people do online shopping from these giants say Flipkart/Snaldeal.

So, it will cost huge for any new E Commerce player to promote them and reach to the user and advertisement cost. However Nihar has one advantage to reach customers which is that----the main website contains the news on recent movie, politics and I have seen their presentation is good with content and picture of recent political development and recent movie of Bollywood and South Indians and I think the South Indian people are following this website on a regular basis----and on the top of this site only they have put the links of the E Commerce shopping website with appropriate signs , so people who are following this website they might check these links as well and if they likes the products/price then they might shop.
So it is comparatively easy for Nihar increase the viewers and user base which is a good way to increase customer base on E Commerce website.

The more people visits their main website for news, the more chances of checking those E Commerce links, the more chance of shopping, provided products are good with competitive price.

Company has tied up with many brands/suppliers to sell their products on Nihar’s E Commerce websites and disclosed all the details to the BSE.

Company has clarified BSE on the reason of increasing stock price and in that reply it has mentioned all the recent development.

Please check the document in this links which contains all recent development.

Action Points: Now the company has created those E Commerce websites, management has talked big in the latest AR, but can management walk the talk and make it a successful venture?
To get idea on that, we will have to dig it further on the promoters quality, seriousness on this ventures, ground actions, business model for E Commerce, and the expected revenue which company can generated from this E Commerce venture. While I will continue further investigation, I would request all the Valuepickrs to investigate further on the above mentioned things and get out with the details.

I have not talked about the financials, market cap, stock price because we will check those things only after we think the ventures itself can be successful, if we think it cannot be successful then it will be a reject before checking these market cap, stock prices etc.

Link to AR 2015:

After all the investigation if we think it can be successful then we can think about investing in this company, not before that. Any company can start any venture but we will have to know whether that will be successful or not , so it is very important to investigate these types of ventures in detail before investing.

Disclosure : Not invested.

Awaiting views from all Valuepickrs.

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Hi Hafiz,

I have learned one thing, which I believe most of us know - ‘Jo dikhta hai wohi bikta hai’ In this high competitive e-commerce market one has to present in the consumer mind all the time, customer ki aapse nazar hati aur dhurgatna ghati Just check nihar’s alexa ranking and see where they are in the world of e-commerce.

I haven’t checked their numbers, but their website is shitty, cluttered, from business point of view I don’t like them (atleast today).

Hello Sampat ji,
Actually the main website is very old and basically a news website so it will be full info, pics etc…however the individual website where the actual options are there to check and buy things they are fine and I think they have tried to use the same technology as Flipkart—but anyway the main problem is that —will they be able to generate the revenue from this E commerce venture or not? may be this Q2 result will give us an idea--------also as mentioned I am not sure how good and promising is the promoters(its the main criteria for me to buy small caps as promoters/management must be good)------any details on the promoters from any fellow boarders will be helpful----Thanks in advance!!!