NIBE LTD - Manufacturing of critical components in defence industry

Company Profile

  • Establishment: Nibe Limited was founded in 2021 under the visionary leadership of Mr. Ganesh Ramesh Nibe

  • Specialization: The company specializes in manufacturing critical components, primarily catering to the defense industry

Company Management:


Strategic Divisions:

  • E-Vehicles Division: Nibe pioneers sustainable transportation by producing top-notch eco-friendly E-bikes and rickshaws. Their commitment to efficient and responsible mobility drives positive change.

  • BVM R&D Foundation: Nibe leads the charge in advanced Lithium-ion Battery pack research, positioning itself as a key player in the global quest for clean energy solutions.

  • Precision Fabrication for Defence Production: Nibe aims to play a significant role in this domain, leveraging cutting-edge technology to create quality, reliable, eco-friendly products.

Defence Contributions:

  • Nibe Limited actively participates in the production of structures, sub-assemblies, and assemblies for mobile weapon launchers. Notably, they contribute to programs like the Pinaka launcher and MRSAM launcher, serving the tri-services of the Indian Defence.

  • The company also manufactures structural systems, including the Modular Bridge designed for the Indian Army and engineering solutions tailored for Naval applications.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Plant:

  • Nibe’s advanced manufacturing facility serves as the backbone of its operations, exclusively dedicated to the defense industry. Here, precision engineering meets cutting-edge technology, ensuring the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Atmanirbhar Bharat Vision:

  • In alignment with the vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat (Self-Reliant India), Nibe extends its commitment to fostering self-reliance in the defense sector. The company actively supports initiatives that promote Indigenous development and innovation in defense technologies.

Shareholding Pattern:


Product Portfolio:

BrahMos Missile Canister:

  • Nibe Limited is involved in the production of BrahMos missile canisters, which play a crucial role in the deployment and protection of these advanced supersonic cruise missiles.

MRSAM Canister:

  • The company manufactures canisters for the Medium Range Surface-to-Air Missile (MRSAM) system. These canisters house the missiles and ensure their safe transport and storage.

Jet Deflector:

  • Nibe produces jet deflectors, essential components used in various defense applications, including missile systems and aircraft.

MRSAM Cassettes:

  • The company contributes to the production of MRSAM cassettes, which are integral to the MRSAM launch system.

MRSAM Under-Frame:

  • Nibe Limited manufactures under-frames for the MRSAM system, providing stability and support during missile launch operations.

K9 Vajra Tank:

  • Nibe is involved in the production of components for the K9 Vajra self-propelled howitzer, a powerful artillery system used by the Indian Army.

Sarvatra Bridging System:

  • The company contributes to the production of the Sarvatra bridging system, which enables rapid deployment of military bridges in various terrains.

Pinaka Launcher System:

  • Nibe Limited manufactures components for the Pinaka multi-barrel rocket launcher system, enhancing the Indian Army’s artillery capabilities.

Rudder Blade Assembly:

  • Nibe produces rudder blade assemblies used in naval vessels, ensuring precise control and maneuverability.

Diving Support Vessel UVLM Under Ship Deck:

  • The company contributes to the construction of diving support vessels, including components for underwater operations.

MLS-Talwar UVLM:

  • Nibe Limited manufactures components for the MLS-Talwar underwater vehicle launch system, used in naval applications.

Shipbuilding – Blasting & Primer Coating of Plates:

  • Nibe provides services related to shipbuilding, including surface preparation (blasting) and primer coating of steel plates.

Fuel Storage Tank:

  • The company produces fuel storage tanks, essential for various military and industrial applications.

SLCM Subcontainer Frame:

  • Nibe Limited manufactures subcontainer frames for the Submarine-Launched Cruise Missile (SLCM) system.

Road Mobile Launcher Army Erecting Frame:

  • Nibe contributes to the production of road-mobile launchers used by the Indian Army.

Damper Structure:

  • The company manufactures damper structures, which play a role in controlling vibrations and movements in various systems.

HDPS Airbags:

  • Nibe produces airbags used in the High-Density Polyethylene Pontoons System (HDPS) for naval applications.

Namika Fixture:

  • Nibe Limited manufactures fixtures used in the assembly and maintenance of various defense equipment.

Oxygen Generation Plant:

  • The company contributes to the production of oxygen generation plants, critical for life support systems in submarines and other enclosed environments.

Company Financial:


Financial FY24

MarketCap: 2808 cr
Stock PE: 127
ROCE: 20.2%
PEG Ratio: 0.35
Debt to equity: 0.41
Debt: 69.2 cr
Working Capital: 68.5 cr
Promoter Holding: 50%
Int Coverage: 7.95
Pledged Percentage: 0
Return on Assets: 9.87%
MarketCap to Sales: 10.1

Key strengths:

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Nibe Limited leverages state-of-the-art technology in its manufacturing processes. This commitment to innovation ensures the production of high-quality, reliable, and eco-friendly products.

  • Sustainable Transportation: The company’s E-Vehicles division pioneers sustainable transportation by producing top-notch eco-friendly E-bikes and rickshaws. [These vehicles are more economical than their fuel-powered counterparts and contribute to reducing transport-related air pollutants]

  • Clean Energy Solutions: Through the BVM R&D Foundation, Nibe actively engages in advanced Lithium-ion Battery pack research. By positioning itself as a key player in clean energy solutions, Nibe contributes to a greener future.

  • Defence Contributions: Nibe Limited plays a crucial role in defense production. It manufactures critical components for mobile weapon launchers like the Pinaka launcher and MRSAM launcher. [Additionally, it provides structural systems tailored for naval applications and the Indian Army]

  • Environmental Responsibility: Nibe understands the urgency of addressing environmental challenges. The company actively contributes to shaping a future where energy is harnessed efficiently and responsibly.

Key Weaknesses:

  • Market Volatility: Like any company, Nibe Limited operates in a dynamic market. Economic fluctuations, regulatory changes, and geopolitical factors can impact its performance.

  • Competition: The defense industry is competitive, with other players vying for contracts and projects. Nibe must continually innovate and maintain its edge.

  • Dependency on Defence Sector: Nibe’s focus on defense production means its fortunes are closely tied to government contracts and defense spending. Any shifts in these areas can affect the company.

  • Technological Risks: While cutting-edge technology is an advantage, it also comes with risks. Nibe must manage technological challenges, including research and development costs and potential setbacks.

DISC: Invested in stock. Views are biased

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Also some more insights on this beautiful company

Read the compliance report for FY 2023-2024 Link

22nd April 2024 Resignation of CFO Link

17th April 2024 Resignation of Independent Director Link

15th March 2024 Resignation of Company Secretary Link


Don’t you find it suspicious that a company founded in 2021 (just 3 years back) is now producing compoenents/systems for Brahmos missiles, Pinaka Artillery Rockets, K9 Vajra Artillery Guns!! It is a widely known fact that qualification & approval of vendors in defence and aerospace is a time taking process. I’ll leave it to you to draw your own conclusions.

During Defence Expo 2022 (biennial event on a national level), no one had even heard of this company. And in 2024 this company sponsored the Maharashtra Defence Expo 2024 (first time event, state level). Its name and banners were every where. And suddenly it was seen flaunting products which other companies have taken 5-10 years to develop. Defence industry insiders were surpised and hinted at some political connections at play. Again you can draw your own conclusions.




Maybe you are right or wrong.

but in my opinion, the company is on a tailwind + The company has a senior navy officer as an independent director+ and Some experienced people with good experience in making defence hardware and software as chief executive and technical officer.

So till the defense theme is there stock is good


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Defence Idex Winner

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Wow Interconnected Wearable Safety Bands. From when did they start the vertical for Electronics I thought Nibe was only into the following 3 verticals . I cannot imagine their R&D / Innovation was importing a China made band and advertising it in the Startup IDEX competition.

Food for thought … Does an approx. 3000 cr market cap company be even considered to be a startup to be participating in the event

  • E-Vehicles Division: .
  • BVM R&D Foundation
  • Precision Fabrication for Defence Production:


Why so much negativity?

Few points which makes the business very lucrative
-Nibe has established a new subsidiary, Nibe Space Private Limited, holding a 76% stake. This subsidiary will focus on the research and development of space and aerospace products. Its primary areas of work include propulsion systems, satellite launch vehicles, and related technologies. The scope of activities encompasses the design, manufacture, and testing of various aerospace technology products for both domestic and international applications. Additionally, it will utilize IT and its applications in these activities.
-Company has entered into a business agreement with THALES USA, For design manufacture and supply of TACAN equipment to Indian navy.
-Company has entered into an licensing agreement with DRDO.
-New production facility has been inaugurated in Pune.
-Company has recently done capacity expansion.

With my limited experience in the marine sector,I see a bright future of Nibe anyday.Additionally,The stock has given a break out on charts.Please look at the website atleast if anyone has any doubt.I see the glass half full rather than half empty
#Invested and biased.