Ni3 Portfolio - 9 months old

Hi Guys,

Glad to be on such rich and resourceful site.
Been following this website from couple of months now.I started my investment journey when I was in US and made all beginners mistakes. So it was quite costly lesson learned in $.

So I moved to india year back and started investing in Indian stock market from past 9 months.

Below is my portfolio currently. So would request All experts here to take a look and let me know their thoughts on the same.

I am up by 9% in these 9 months so far.

Bhansali enginerring 7%
Jk Paper 18%
Meghmani Organics 8%
Navneet Education 13%
Kajaria ceramics 9%
Karur vasya Bank 14%
Karnataka Bank 6%
Equitas holding 5%
ITC 4%
Tata motors 3.6%
Trident 5%
Rain industries 2.5%
Grauweil 0.8%
Idbi Bank 1%
JP associate 4.2%

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Please share rationale of each buy decisions so that we can comment and holding horizon to keep the best practices of this forum.

Disc: I am also a newbie investor.

Yes, sure.
Bhansali engineering - one of the only two companies in India which produce i consider that as a good moat.Debt free and capex planning . Demand is more than supply. Invest early already 100% up on it.planning to hold for 3 year or more .will add on dip and increase allocation.

Jk paper- yes high on debt but i like consistent focus on reduction of debt. Past 3 quarter on quarter excellent results.
Anti dumping duty on paper from other countries,also China paper industry in trouble due to environmental issue.will keep as long as the conditions favourable

Meghmani Organics- great fundamentals.promoters sounds very optimistic about future.EPS for this H1 2017 is already what it was last year so it can easily double it. Planning to hold it for 3-5 years and planning to add more.

Navneet Education- bought this after reading the extensive research done by motilal oswal on same. It was up by 20% from buying price within month.will hold till 2019.

Kajaria Ceramics- Due to GST, unorganized sector will have huge impact here so it will help organized sector. Liked Goldman Sachs report on same will hold for at least 2 years

Karur Vysya bank- Will hold for long term , currently lagging but i think appointment of ex Citi bank member will really help in long term.

Karnataka bank- liked 2020 vision of bank. Bought at higher price but will hold.

Equitas holding - yes currently facing lot of trouble but pretty optimistic about future. Will add on dip and hold for long term.

ITC - This is the first stock i have ever bought ,around 10 years back and somehow never looked at it and stock market.Have small allocation planning to hold as long as possible.
Tata motors- No logic just added just because of brand.

Trident - Liked everything mentioned in investor presentation.

Rain industries- Jump bandwagon.looking for quick gain. Not planning to hold for long.

Grauweil - very unique.looks like underrated. Just a tracking position right now.

Jp associates - just wanted quick gain. Will get out as soon as i break even on it.

Added tracking position on infibeam incorporation.

Last week was good for the PF, it is up by 16% now.