Newbie Portfolio Advice

Dear All,
I’m a newbie and i have started following VP Forums. Based on little knowledge, i have studied some of the companies and started invested in below companies. Pls advice

Stock Name — Purchase Price — % of Investment

Ajanta Pharma – 1245 — 14.63%
SBI – 162 — 19.04%
PI Industries – 575 — 09.01%
Tata Motors – 316 — 25.38%
Alembic – 631 — 12.35%
ITD Cementaries – 100 — 19.58%

I have plans to accumulate all the above stocks except ITD Cementaries.

ITD Cementratries i have seen large volume being bought over last 2 weeks and technicals are not that bad of the comapnies. But it is kind of speculation which is on my own. But i have no plans accumulate further and when i accumulate the other stocks the % of allocation of ITD will fall down.

Please advice