New TradingJournal Application enabled with Artifical Intelligence

Hello everyone,

I have been a trader and coder for the past 10 years, and currently, I’m in the process of developing a trading journal application. I would like to request the assistance of 5 volunteers who would be willing to use my application and provide feedback.

Once you express your interest, I will provide you with a link to access my web application. Please note that the application is still in the development phase, so I am currently limiting the number of users to 5. However, I plan to expand the user base in the future.

Thank you for considering this opportunity, and I look forward to your participation and valuable feedback.

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What does it do? What is the objective of the tool? What are its features? What kind of additional features does it have than the different statements brokers provide?

It would help if you can provide the answers.

Thanks Chaitanya for asking great questions

  • Objective of the tool:
  1. To make it easy for traders to journal their trades or maintain a ledger.
  2. Provides a cloud-based solution to replace traditional methods like using Excel sheets on a local machine.

** Main Features:*

  • No noise and user-friendly interface: Easily maintain your journal by directly editing data in a table, eliminating the need for bulky form filling.

  • AI-enabled insights: Gain valuable insights based on your personal historical data. The tool analyzes your performance, identifies weak strategies, highlights strengths, and provides performance metrics like Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) and annual returns.

  • Customizable columns: Unlike broker-provided statements with default columns, this tool allows you to define your own custom columns.

  • your data will be encrypted in database

By using this tool, you can streamline your trading journaling process, leverage AI-powered analytics, and have the flexibility to customize your columns based on your specific needs.

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Why should anyone click any link provided by an unknown anonymous person on net and feed his trading or other details in an application made by him?

Hi Akash
Your point is valid, but data is encrypted, no one can see data

I am very interested, is it possible to link a broker to pull trades from or any other method to synchronise trades ?

Yes, that’s a plan
Ultimately this application will be integrated with popular brokers, so that you don’t have to manually enter your trades

Would be interested in volunteering for app testing?

It’s just a working prototype as of now, i can share link to website with username and password

Please send me your email address