New to VP Forum - Please guide me

Hello Guys

I am newbie here. It is good that i found out this forum though a bit late. I have seen the recent presentation of Donald, which summarizes the good work done by your team in the last 5 year.

Just wanted to know that is the future plans? i am not able to find detailed analysis of any new companies. Maybe I am looking at a different section of the forum. Can you guys please guide me?


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Use this link and you can see update on any thread where a new post happens…

Or just scroll down and you can see older posts. Relax and read for a while. You will get the hang of it :smile:

Thanks Raj. I did go through it. Mostly those are replies to old posts. Please highlight me of any new company’s analysis

Ok time for a little brotherly advice. We don’t need a new company analysis, when there is so much still left with the old one’s :smile:

For example, just 2 weeks back Avanti Feeds was available at ~1500 and now the price is ~2200. anyone who had spent time time on the thread had a chance to understood the opportunity.
Hope that clarifies, that there is no need to look for a new company analysis because you are new here.

Like i said, Relax and read. It may take any where around a year to cover all the stuff that’s already there. That will help you to get the hang of it.


As a fellow (relatively) newbie, what i can tell you is that the best of the best lies in the older threads where the ‘wheat is already separated from the chaff’ !
you can read, reread and learn , apply, relearn the whole “process of investing”.
you can see how folks have retained/built/strengthened their conviction over the years and how Mr Market has eventually agreed with them - this lesson is priceless for any investor!

I’d echo Raj’s view, focus on learning/applying the process - once the right process is set in place, rest nearly always follows!
its never too late to find something like VP ! - i have been ‘investing’ for nearly a decade and after going through some of the threads i realised that in most cases i was largely speculating :smile:


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Thanks bros :thumbsup: . Agree with you guys. But the reason i asked is because most of the stocks have shot up in the last year. I am bit worried to enter at this point in time. All these are good companies with good growth potential. But the PE has expanded as it came to limelight reducing the margin of safety.

Also, certain stocks turns out to be multibaggers in a bull next and the next set of stocks become in the subsequent bull runs. E.g From 1994-2004, it was Infy, L&T until 2008, TCS from 2004 to 2014. HDFC during initial years. Ofcourse, even after these stocks turned out to be multibaggers, these gave good returns but not great returns.Or else we need to buy great companies during bear market. So my point was to identify emerging companies which you guys have been doing great. My bad I am late here :frowning: . Please correct me if i am wrong :smile:


if you are looking for businesses where the story is yet to play out fully, i’d suggest you go through the shilpa medicare & suven threads.
In my personal experience, using PE as the primary binocular to look at growth companies hasnt helped much.
its been a good metric for proven businesses with limited range of movement.
end of the day, building conviction & patience to wait for the right pitch plays a very big role.
as they say, stock market is the place where the impatient players willingly hands over money to patient ones.


Would like you to learn from hitesh sir , donald sir and ayush sir their comments threads and all

Agreed Raghav. Let me study about these companies and build conviction!!!