New stock entry by top fund managers

Hi Value Pickrs,

I just now got an idea to start the discussions about the stock which is newly or recently bought by top fund managers in their respective top performing Small & Mid schemes.

The below stocks recently bought by DSP Blackrock for its microcap fund scheme.

1.Advanced Enzymes Technology
2.Sp apparels ltd

The info is got from morningstar website.

Natraj, please share the morningstar complete link


This is good , but is there any other way to track FII/DII & MF’s entry exits by fund managers or AMC’s
free or paid any websites?

equityfriend dot com has such a paid service

If new stocky entry by top fund managers is the priority, why not buy those funds itself rather than investing separately ?

I was looking at micro-cap mutual funds and could only find DSP BlackRock Micro Cap fund. Looks good based on the past performance. Has anyone here invested in this fund ?

Hi Vijay,

I’m doing SIP in DSP black rock microcap fund for last 6 months and I find vinit sambre has good ability to pick stocks well in advance.


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I do also invested thru SIP in DSP Microcap fund from oct 2014.It is one of the top performing fund in mutual fund universe.
Recently the fund manager increased their exposure in VST industries after seeing their good q4 & q1 results.
Technically also the VST stock has got break-out after four year long consolidation.
I hope & have an idea this particular stock will out-perform the fund itself in wide margin in next 3-4 years point of view.
Technical analyst of vp please provide your assistance in this particular stock in technical pont of view.
In this same fund the fund manager earlier increased their holdings in 8K Miles and that stock beat returns in compare with this fund in a wide margin.

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Just curious how you managed to get this data.
If not confidential, Can you kindly share your method / sources?

Can u tell me where did u get this excel file ?