Netflix India Lauch: How might it impact various industries?

Netflix launched its service today (6th Jan 2016) in India and many other countries.
This launch of service in India might have positive as well as negative consequences for quite a few industries and companies in particular.
Top of my Mind, I can think of is content aggregation companies like Shemaroo Entertainment(Listed company),Volga Videos,Shalimar,Aditya Movies and many others might have to fight for content with Netflix.Netflix might outbid the content to establish itself in India with a rich content in Hindi as well as in all the regional languages by paying top dollar.
Second, I can think of is EROS,BoxTV (to a little extent YouTube rent/buying movies) will have to fight against global giant like netflix to find acceptance for its EROSNOW service.Yes Eros develops its own content but other content developers would want to get a wide appeal(Probably international netflix subscribers appeal as well) and would want to be where customers are and here again Netflix with its brand and global appeal can attract good content (albeit paying high monies) to provide rich content to its subscribers
Third,I can think of Cinema theatres PVR,INOX LEISURE might feel pinch because of the netflix entry in India.Theatres in US and other nations are also feeling pain because of the entertainment options provided by Netflix and the reasons for going to theatre has been reduced to just get up from ones couch to kill boredom at home and to grab food and beverages in the movie interval.
Fourth,I can think of is the setup box connections/cable connections.Dish TV,Tata Sky,Sun TV setup-box might have a slower/lower adoption because if the content is appealing to the netflix subscribers they would feel its better to stick with one entertainment service (binge watching being benefit of the netflix) rather than to watch something thats dictated by the channels.
Fifth if the netflix comes out with a free ad based subscription service as an Rs. 500/650/800 paid services then the TV channels ad revenue will be impacted as well. Zee TV,Sun TV comes to mind which might have to work hard with its content to attract advertisers as well as consumers.
Sixth, since mobile data charges are obscenely high,more people would like to have a wifi broadband connection to watch the content. This can prove to be a boon for D-link and there is a pretty good chance that mobile data subscribers feel that having broadband at home is better than having to pay high rates for data charges and hence might subscribe to only small data packages in mobile or in few small cases might even forego there mobile data packages…This might negatively surprise the telecoms Vodafone,Bharti Airtel,Idea

Disclosure:These are few of my top of mind thoughts on Netflix India launch.This launch might affect or might not affect your portfolios since I made so many assumptions.But its always good to learn about disruptive ideas and fine-tune your portfolio.I am pretty sure there will be many industries/companies that might benefit by Netflix launch

Updated Disc: I dont own stocks of any of the companies I mentioned above (including netflix :smile: ) )


if one company making mess of several industries and companies… this is not good…
And i see, content makers will benefit a lot because of huge price paid by netflix & competitors…

SHEMAROO is a content aggregator and hold rights for more than 2500 movies and songs will be major beneficiary of Netflix launch in India.

Also Reliance Jio launch in March could help the company sell its content to more users.