Need serious Help with my portfolio should I stay Invested or pull out

Hi Folks, Seniors,
I have lost quite a sum in the recent market volatility and I ended up with few stocks which nobody wants own, Please assess my portfolio and please let me know whether I need to exit GMDC, Kaveri Seeds and KPIT, I am little hopeful of KPIT but GMDC has thoroughly disappointed me, even though I think it could be long term bet when metals finally revive to their normal level.
Please advise.

I feel you need to seriously do a painful surgery of your portfolio without being rooted at the purchase price. If u stick to purchase price you will never be able to sell to clean your portfolio as it needs a real cleanup. It serious as your portfolio don’t have a balance.

Best options will be to keep 10-12 solid names in portfolio and buy torrent pharma, cadila helthcare, Gruh finance, increase weight in Repco to atleast 8% of portfolio. Keep cera, axis, AStral, Kaveri seeds, Sun Shriram AIA KPIT. You can buy Granules india( on decline).

Your weight of each stock need to be at least 8% to 10% of your corpus.Boss Balance is very very Important.

Dont worry this phase will pass and you make lot of money in next 3-4 years. Cheers.

I have torrent cardila gruh repco & granules in my personal portfolio.


I missed a point you can think of PI industries to replace kaveri seeds as growth in PI will be more robust.


Totally agree though PF names may differ from one individual to the other. Stick to bluechips. Dont think about the initial losses that you will incur during this rejig. Consider this as the tuition fee paid to Mr. Market.

Every senior member here would have had a phase where he would have paid this tuition fee.

These ~1% allocations in your PF are not going to help the overall returns of your PF in anyway. Hypothetically, even if Tata motors in your current PF were to double from 439 to 880, your overall PF returns will only increase by ~2%

Read a lot before you start with your PF building next time.

Ravi S


My 2 cents:-

  1. GMDC/NMDC - Currently iron ore prices are around their lowest in a few years due to lack of demand from China and dumping of surplus inventory at very cheap prices. I have no way of ascertaining if and when they’ll normalise. Commodities tend to react very dramatically both ways and you must have deep insight to stay ahead of the game in such businesses.

I myself am invested in NMDC and still regretting it. (Looking to take the dividends and start selling small allocations)

  1. Kaveri Seed - No expert on that business. At current price and previous track record of company, seems attractive to me. Invested at even more than your holding price. I plan to remain invested for the near-medium term.

And that covers 62-63% of your portfolio - wow! You obviously wanted to bet big and reap handsome rewards :smile:

Anyway - I believe there are some quality names as well in there such as Repco, Axis Bank, etc. But PF allocation is very important and you may be learning it the hard way currently.

If I have to sum up my advice for you in 1 line -

Only sell if you believe you didn’t do enough due diligence the first time when investing in these businesses or the business environment has changed completely since your purchase. All other times - ignore the volatility and get away from looking at day to day fluctuations of stock prices.

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Pull out of certain stocks, but do not pull out of the market. My advise is to invest a little money and buy hard copies of some of these books (believe there is a seperate thread on this which you might want to check out as well) and spend some time reading and digesting them.

  1. One up on wall street - peter lynch
  2. Thoughtful Investor - basant maheshwari
  3. Remnisences of a stock operator - jessie livermore
  4. Common stocks uncommon profits - phil fisher
  5. Psychology of human misjudgement - charlie munger (available on youtube)

Its very important that you learn from these setbacks and stay invested for the remaining part being a better investor. To get there in my opinion you need to read and re-read some of these books and most importantly make money on atleast one stock (atleast a two bagger).


@catchsudipto @ravimba31 Thank you for your valuable feedback, yes agree sticking to purchase price and not thinking long term could be detrimental to my PF allocation, I know my allocations has been very bad I need to do lot of due diligence before investing too diversified portfolio without much concentration would not give me any solid returns.

@gurjota Thank you for your kind analysis of my PF, I think KSCL and GMDC might make rebound but need to have lot of patience and preservance

@madhug I have one up on wall street and going through some of the chapters right now but as you suggested I will try to go through the books mentioned by you, I need to keep my emotions and impulses under control while investing.

Also remember bear market is the best time for portfolio modification if any, as not only week stocks but also strong stocks fall. In investing try to control greed & fear.
Here greed is 41% in one stock & fear is : fear of loosing money if U sell in loss. If U can control these two U will earn lots of money.
As a retail investor always try to buy sector leaders with high ROE, company which pays tax & gives out some descent dividend and not too much debt.

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Why are you worrying about your portfolio. Your stock picks are absolutely fine and the price points are not very high except in few cases. There are only two stocks you need to think about but may not take any action immediately - SJVN and Gujarat Minerals. Give your portfolio some time - avg down on the stocks you have very high conviction and let the market rise. Everything else will take care itself.


Keep KPIT, Sun Pharma, Cera, Axis Bank, Repco, AIA, Astral, ICICI Bank and Shariram Trans. For balance stocks , use your own judgement.