Need assiatance for aligning a porfolio with 25CAGR

I have been regularly investing in stock market and made a portfolio listed below. Now i need assistance from fellow investors to realign the portfolio to make CAGR 25% growth . I am a long term salaried investor and usually allocating 15% of salary to investing.

Alembic pharma 600 numbers @ 50RS holding since 2010
Aurobindompharma–500 number @400 holding since 2014
natco pharma 200@ 450 since 2015
Wockhart 200@ 750 since 2015
Caplin point 2000@190 in 2016
Lincoln Pharma 500@180 in 2016

Britania 100@2800 since 2015
Tasty bite 100@ 2500 since 2015

Yes bank 500@150 since 2010
Manappuram finance 500@ 55 in 2016
Capital first 200@550 in 2016
RBL bank 500@300 in 2016

Force motors 200@2700 since 2014

Agro green tech 800@300 since 2014

Need advice from experts that can i generate 20-25% CAGR on this portfolio going ahead or need to add something or eliminate something from this.


You seem to have a really solid PF and have invested in some really good stocks in the last 6 years. Kudos for that. Prima facie I’d suggest you stay invested since you got in at a bargain price and there’s still a lot of potential in a lot of these companies.

Also please share your rationale for investing in these companies when you invested, will be helpful for the rest of us.

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I think you have a very good portfolio. Is this the full portfolio now, then kudos to you, you have all the hits and good entry points. I’d say you are set!

I agree it’s a great portfolio. One note, I feel it’s too heavy on pharma (~40% aggregate) and three companies Force Motors (~18%), Caplin (~16%) and Yes Bank (~12%). You might want to spend some thoughts on allocation. I’m no expert, just an opinion.

First of all i am not an expert but applied some basic tools to select the company and sectors.
I am a strong believer of pharma space as there are lot opportunities looking forward, that is why i allocated close to 40% to this sector. But i am bit concerned about alembic pharma’s growth prospectus for a medium term perspective.
Hope that still there is room for expansion in yes bank & caplin lab. In case of force motors i dont know how things will move. So these are the reasons i would like to get fellow members attention to modify my PF

I believe infra and defense sector hold good promises if one can hold for 5-10 years.

L&T great infra plus defense play.
Tata Power - Government focus on power is huge plus you also get the defense portfolio in it.
Granules - Good small pharma company with good potential.

Genus Power - Smart metering business.

Mindtree in IT can be a good bet around 400 level.

Zensar and HCL are both good plays in IT + defense.

I hold more than 150 stocks and hence recommending only as per your portfolio taste.

Few stocks which I feel have the potential to give exponential gains are as below, however since they are very small companies there are risks attached to them.

Anant Raj (Huge land bank)
Sumeet Industries
MBL Infra


Latest Portpolio update please

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