Need advise on portfolio -sitting on 40% cash

I am a novice investor and I started building my portfolio over the last 1 year. This is my current portfolio

I just need an advise from senior pros in the forum regarding the following items

  1. Should I deploy the additional investments in same set of companies over which I have understanding or should I start following new set of companies as I feel my portfolio is a lot skewed towards pharma and finance
  2. If I want to deploy the cash on same set of companies that i hold how should I decide on what basis should I increase the allocation ??
    should I be increasing the weights in the company based on quarter on quarter results and the comfort levels that I get but I am afraid of prices running up faster than the growth in the companies that I hold

I am not a SEBI registered research analyst. The
above portfolio is not a buy or sell recommendation. Please do your own
due diligence before taking an investment decision. I may sell, switch,
or further buy any of the stocks mentioned above on my discretion.

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look for some banking stocks with lowering of interest rates soon

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