Need a concluding section?

Hi donald,

Stock story template is no doubt a great initiative and collates important information on the stock in a single page.

My suggestions:

)- I have gone through most of the stock stories so far covered on valuepicker some 10-15 pieces. Quality is good, some are outstanding in capturing in detail, some do not have many details but present a story nonetheless - something that you do not get anywhere else. A review of the stories with an eye for detail is necessary, in my view

)- Whats the bottomline? what should the reader get as his main takeaways? this is not clear to a new investor like me …what are say the fringe factors/arguments and what are the main 2-3 issues/factors that will be decisive for the business going forward. Something like that.

Not sure if I could make it clear? Like in Vinati story, maybe the currency factor and RM factor are fringe factors but the key is ATBS growth. If that keeps kicking Vinati kicks. Plus that the Management is proactive - planss 2yrs ahead -for new products like PAP, which are 2013 timeframes maybe?? Maybe this is obvious to seniors…

Is it possible to bring out clearly what the key takeaways from the stock story? That would be a very nice addition to this great template.

Thanks TCX. We have also been thinking over this as a couple of other readers also had written to us about a concluding section.

This is a tough ask…not sure we will be able to do justice to this…without this sounding like a recommendation. we want to remain as objective as possible.

Its a good suggestion…may be we should give it a try. Please wait for the next update.