Need a big Help!

Hello VPers,

Sorry for a post not related directly with investment in stock market.

I am a big fan of VP and the way it is doing massive service to investor community.

In fact, I am actually currently trying to replicate the same for an ‘investment’ related online course that I am creating. However, I am not able to find the platform or software that is behind VP’s forum. It may or may not be a wordpress site. Even cloudflare, a tech company of the US uses this type of platform -

So even after months of work, I have not made any headway and hence seeking your help. I messaged Hiteshji here and Donald on linkedin but without much luck. This made me post this here out of desperation.

Could anyone please tell me the platform it is built on and the details of where I can get it. I want to invest in this as it will facilitate great conversations and create network effect. You can write to me at then that would be great else just post it here. If you are not aware of it, could you let me know the best contact I could go to in order to get information on this.

Hoping for a positive reply from someone.


From what I know, this uses Discourse under the hood. I have no idea if there are customisations involved.


You can see the page source, it says powered by in the foot note.

Snippet for start of the source:

Foot note detail:

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wow, thanks so much.

While I do adore the feature set, 100$/Month base price is astonishingly high. I wonder how VP is paying this for a site which is not trying to earn out of us. Any thoughts? is there a back door entry like a beta user where we dont have to pay so much?

The quoted price is applicable for the hosted version that is managed by the company. You can operate a self-hosted version using the open source version, which is free, where you incur only the hosting charges. VP is more likely to be using the latter.