Mylu long term Portfolio

My investment strategy is Monthly SIP for equal amount of 4 stocks. The portfolio allocation will be always around 25%. The following are the stocks being invested by me.

Interglobe Aviation: I have tracked this stock for very long time and seen how it has been continuously come out with highest on time flights (though it has gone down recently due to engine issues) and regular profits. I feel that it will further gain on UDAAN as well. There were few customer related incidents that needs to be avoided.

CDSL: I never remember seeing this stock anywhere in recommendations but was reading about in VP forum related to top picks :slight_smile: . They have very low cost expenditure and earn from every demat additions , IPO listing etc .

There are plans on moving academic records etc. which will bring in additional revenue and their only competitor is NSDL and currently unlisted in stock exchange . SEBI is contemplating on bringing new players may impact margins. Overall I see this as a long-term hold.

VGUARD: This was one more which I never feel interested to read into the business. During cursory reading of some personalities, I hit upon the Kochouseph Chittilappilly and felt awe on his business acumen and CSR activities . Later I have to decide between wonderla & vguard and finally chose VGUARD based on my own experience on buying their stabilizer and water heater :slight_smile:
Their business model and growth plans seems to be very good.

TCI Express: The last one which I decide to put on Logistics and reading through all the companies clearly understood that margins are very less . All of them are hopping on the GST and e-Way bill which will bring the change. Since government has provided LOGISTICS infrastructure status, I hope this will bring in margin growth. I shortlisted TCI , TCI EXPRESS, GATI , ALL CARGO , gatway and finally decided on TCI express which I see a competitor to bluedart.

I don’t expect Immediate changes in the logistics and need a patient long wait before they yield high profits.

I am thankful to VP as I learnt a lot on reading annual report, conf call transcripts (never knew about it) , Investor presentation.

Discl: These are not stock recommendation Please do your own research before investing

Views are welcome . Please let me know of any additions/deletion to be done in the above content (if any).


Indigo up by around 250 in a months time… Not sure if some surprises are expected in Q4 results.

Good selection and monthly SIP is a good idea.

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Thanks for sharing your ideas. I went through the details of these companies,so far I have found them good. Your investment logic is also good. My only concern–is it not a too concentrated portfolio?Will it not be a good idea to add a few more stocks to provide stability?

Thank you @Jayantrichur

@Dr_Manoj . Thanks for the appreciation note , Previously I tried managing a diversified portfolio with around 8 stocks . The problem I observed is tracking these 8 stocks an overhead , also since its SIP there was a miniscule number of each of them getting added in the account.

Then I shifted strategy to focus on 4 concentrated ones and was following monthly SIP steadily for 30 months in BHEL , POWERGRID , KVB , TVS Motor. The returns were decent though not very handsome. I sold them out as I felt they may not reach further higher in coming months.

Based on the lessons learnt in previous occasion , I started the above new one.


Q4 Results look good…

Monthly SIP done on all the four stocks in May month . As usual equal amount shared on 4 stocks. Overall portfolio there is no gain or loss for now :thinking:

TCI express seems to be going up regularly not sure if some good news is expected in the counter .
Indigo has gone down after the results & news of CEO resignation. Hope it recovers.

Monthly SIP done on June 1 :slight_smile: … I see Indigo nearly stable , CDSL seems to be still oscillating… Surprising is the up movement in TCI express which i am not sure how long will it continue?

Vguard seems to lose flavour mostly after their Q4 results. The PE was of very high premium before post Q4 results & closing of sterlite unit , thoothukudi ( copper being main component) feel may go for a correction…

While V-Guard did mention about one time expenses due to branding, they expect the gains coming in next quarters onward.
On the Sterlite, they claimed to have not been affected much.

Disc- Not invested but closely tracking.

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Monthly SIP done ,Latest status

Stockname Symbol % Gain Weightage
Central Dep. Ser CDSL -6.33 24.98
Interglobe Aviat INDIGO -13.62 23.35
TCI Express TCIEXP 6.9 28.46
V-Guard Inds. VGUARD -13.3 23.21

Monthly SIP done . Status as of August 16, 2018.

Stockname Symbol % Gain Weightage
Central Dep. Ser CDSL -6.73 22.47
Interglobe Aviat INDIGO -12.62 21.25
TCI Express TCIEXP 35.28 32.77
V-Guard Inds. VGUARD -2.93 23.51

Sir, are you thinking of bringing the weightage to 25% in all the stocks going along?

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Actually the weightage is based on the current price of the quantity held by me. I still maintain 25% in investment.

I will update the latest one after this month SIP.

Monthly SIP done. Status as of today.

Stockname Symbol % Investment % Gain
Central Dep. Ser CDSL 25.01% -8.16
Interglobe Aviat INDIGO 25.02% -21.04
TCI Express TCIEXP 24.88% 27.65
V-Guard Inds. VGUARD 25.09% -2.43

Monthly SIP Done. Status as of today

Stockname Symbol % Investment % Gain
Central Dep. Ser CDSL 25.09% -16
Interglobe Aviat INDIGO 25.23% -31
TCI Express TCIEXP 24.78% +6
V-Guard Inds. VGUARD 24.9% -22
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Indigo is back to its IPO price, so why are you still doing SIP and not purchasing more? Do you think it will fall more as the crude will go high and waiting? Or as per your strategy, you do only SIP for 30 months, no matter the CMP?

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My strategy is doing SIP monthly irrespective of stock price movements.


So you SIP for 30 months and then stop? How long will you wait for the company to perform, would you sell after the waiting period or would you keep the stock until it gives profit and in the meanwhile start a fresh SIP in another stock? Are any of these stocks for your long-term portfolio?

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