My US stock portfolio - started

I was always curious how to invest in US markets from India. Here are the steps I did to make it happen and I made my first set of investments yesterday.

  • It is very easy to open account for US trading sitting in India using
    Process is fully simple and online. Once we submit the forms (there is an online photo session) as well, it takes 2-3 days to open the account
  • Funds have to be transferred via Wire to Interactive Brokers in USD to trade in US stocks
  • Interactive Brokers for the first 3 months does not charge any fee. However post 3 months, they will charge USD 20 as activity charge if your balance is less than USD 500. The activity charge is waived off in case we have a liquidable account balance of USD 1,00,000 or more
  • Indians can invest up-to USD 250,000 a year as per our IT laws. I plan to invest USD 250,000 annually into this account in tranches

I started with a USD 100,000 investment. Plan is to pick a mix of Tech Leaders + High Growth Tech Stocks + Disruptive Bets + Pharma companies + Traditional firms and invest somewhat equal amounts in them. Here is my first tranche of investments (Will add few companies very rarely to this list and will top up)

High Growth Tech:
Google, Amazon, Adobe, Apple, Atlassian, Netflix, Nvidia

ARKG, ARKN, Nutanix

Catalent, ThermoFisher Scientific

Traditional Leaders:
3M, Honeywell, Caterpillar, Texas Instruments

I expect at-least 3 to 4 of above to be 3-4X in 5 years making up for any laggards in portfolio.

Here is how it looks on Day 1!

The objective of this thread is to discuss good US stock opportunities that are like buy and forget stocks


Considering the amount you want to invest, did you think of PMS, AIFs? Or you want geographical diversification? Or the opportunities are few in India compared to US to make 3X-4X returns on your invested capital?

Reason to invest in US markets is

  • Geographical Diversification
  • Buying specific Tech + Pharma + disruption stocks vs. buying the index

I have significant investments in India market already. See my other thread on my India portfolio. I am invested in India and US

I trust only myself to drive my car and only myself to manage my money :). So no PMS for me


Helpful thanks.

  1. What is your read in taxation in this case - LTCG and STCG? Is there a tax involved which would be additional to equities tax in India?

  2. Could you like this to your existing Demat - or did this mean having another Demat with the new broker?


Not sure, why you started this thread? I am assuming it is for just FYI ??
Have you fully understood the brokerage cost per trade, other fee structure, tax implications in India/US? Appreciate if you could elaborate them in your post.

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hows their fee structure? how much they charge per trade? and do they have any yearly subscription fee?

Regarding ARKN / ARKG, Kathie woods is still untested. It was easy pickings last year when everything was going up. I’ve decided to stay away from ARKx ETFs and take sector bet directly by investing in the leading disruptors.


Brokerage is almost ZERO with many US brokers like TdAeriTrade,Charles Schwab but tax implications HIGH as there are not Indian Listed company hence long term capital gain is also around 20%,correct me if im wrong.

Fee structure is like below

The fee structure is above as informed to @Sandy1
Tax rates are at marginal slab of the individual if it is short-term and 20%if held long-term. My understanding is long-term is 24 month holding
The costs of investing in US stocks is additional due to the exchange fees. Rupee keeps depreciating against dollar and so the exchange fees is somewhat offset over time by the dollar getting stronger.

Taxation is only when you sell. I don’t intend to sell these holdings. When I do sell, it will be at 20%/marginal tax slab based on whether it is STCG/LTCG based on the holding term
This cannot be linked to existing demat as this is for the US

That is why I plan to diversify across 15 companies or so. My list of companies is shared. These are long-term value plays.

Taxation for long-term is 20% and for short-term is at marginal rates of the individual. Holding period for long term is 24 months I believe

Lastly, all questions seems to be on brokerage and taxation. These are all not a big consideration for me given long horizon and continued top-ups.


Okay. Looking at your investment plan is USDs, you seem to be a HNI.
Just curious what is the rational behind selecting only those stocks as long term value plays. Could you share your thoughts on each of those individual stocks? Thanks.

Hi All


Please advise on below point…

  1. What is the equivalent site of In USA

Please exercise me to ask this question on this thread… as there is no relavent thread to ask this question


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screener site structure though a bit different, but this one is still very useful for US listed stocks


This thread has some details on taxation.US Investing

My personal experience. Be prepared for IT returns to be processed in 1.5 to 2 yrs from date of filing due to NRA tax.

Sure Sameer. Here is my rationale behind the picks
Big in Tech Keep getting bigger: Google, Amazon, Apple fall into this bucket
Google: Their labs could throw up the next trillion dollar market cap idea by doing crazy things like slowing ageing. Google is a money machine even if they were to do nothing for several years
Amazon: They are disrupting every traditional industry.
Apple: airpods themselves are a 20BB dollar sales business. Think of the scale. How many in the world have iphones today

Nvidia: Deep Learning runs only on Nvidia GPUs. They have a monopoly there

Google, Amazon, Apple, Nvidia are close to being called the dominant player in their respective ecosystems

Revenue visibility
Adobe, Atlassian are SaaS companies and there can be predictability of up to 80% of their revenues. Huge runways for both of them

Rather than shortlist idea stocks that require time, invested in the ETFs of the leaders ARKG and ARKN

I don’t understand pharma much but Sajal (@unseenvalue) is a buyer in Catalent, Thermo. fisher Scientific and in Lonza. Hence just followed what his pharma brain said

3M, honeywell, Caterpillar trade at high P/E in India but just below 30 in the US. I see the as Coffee Can stocks

Texas Instruments is out of fashion but still is a critical component in many products

Ultimately, in tech, the company that has a hiring bar attracts better talent and that talent goes on to do amazing things. I expect that these firms will do well and an approach of investing regularly in them (There is a cap of USD 250K per investor per year from India) will ensure good diversification and wealth creation.

In India, such high quality tech firms are not available. One can invest in Nasdaq but the combination of companies is not the one that I prefer to invest in.


Agree. But income is realized only when the stock is sold. The idea is to keep buying the same companies in the same proportion for years. To buy and sell short - term, I do only in Indian stocks in zerodha/upstox

I will update the thread here with my real positions. I do that so that there is transparency as to if the technique works or not.

If one does not sell the stock, we just list the foreign stocks in TR_FA in ITR2 that most of us file (unless we trade options)


NRA Tax is for dividends and not for sale of stock.

Good point. Had not thought about this!
I have a friend who has been doing this US stock investing for several years and very good returns. I would rather pay a good CA 25000 Rs than lose lakhs due to opportunity cost

Taxation, Tax filing, brokerage are not reasons to lose out on opportunities is what I feel


Interesting !!
Not sure what time frame and what kind of return target you have in mind whilst decided to invest in US stocks? Personally, I have never understood geographical diversification. I believe no region is insulated enough when it comes to equity markets.
Well, I still believe, with that kind of money ($250K/annum), you could earn good returns in Indian markets itself, provided you have invested in right stocks at the right time. Anyways, wish you good luck !!


Hi Greetings please let men know is there any site equivalent to

Smallcase in USA

I googled and surprise that I have not found equivalent of smallcase Zerodha in USA

Please advise if you know one

No one knows what the future holds. We have to see. I promise to keep posting the performance. So we can all learn together

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