My top 5 pics

1). Astral polyteck: Its into plumbing business (plastics) with some best brands in india and pan india presence(in 25 states). It has collobration with major technological majors in this field in world and is growing steadily from last 5 years. They have consistently reduced debt on their books and hence looks to be next multibagger with good management on board. It can be bought at dips around 170.

2). Cravatex: Cravatex is another company into leading brands of sports wear and treadmills by name of fila and Proline respectively. It is into expansion mode with great future ahead in terms of growth. Also only company listed on exchange with this business. The only concern is management (batra group) which seems to be have done some dubious deals before.

3). Deccan chronicle: I hope every one would have heard about the company(IPL team owner) and also into print media being largest newspaper company in south india with more than 14lakh news print per day. The best part is their healthy balance sheet with high cash reserves and due to big fall in stock last year it is avaliable at great valuations of EV/EBIDTA of less than 4. Also being a newspaper company they have high margins and deserves better valuations. Purely a bargain stock below Rs 80. Major reason of fall is due to sales drop and IPL team poor performance which i feel is temporary.

4). Smartlink systems: This is oneof my favourite picks recently coz of high cash on B/S due to sale of major part of business of network cables. This company has a good track record of establishing a brand (first mover) pan india and selling it at a high premium to MNCs. They have always been ahead of the curve in a technology driven business and now are entering into wireless network business which has great growth potential (remember CISCO) which can generate high FCF year on year. Another reason is credible management (in my view only company to deduct ESOP amount from profits as employee benefit) remember buffet check point. Hence at around 160 rs cash per share it is a super bargain at CMP of 80. A clear buy.

5). Corporation Bank: This PSU bank is on my radar to be a great value buy, having best effeciency figures in industry(even better than some private banks). NPAs are among the lowest and is avaliable at one year forward book value with great potential to perform. Only concern is NIM, but i wouldnt mind as their performance compensates. Also highly technology driven bank with very less exposure in risky sectors. At CMP of around 550 its a good buy.

Disclosures: I have invested in Astral polyteck and other stocks are on my radar to be bought. Please have your own study before investing.


Vikas Kukreja

PS: The stocks mentioned are not in preference order.

I read astral polyteck analysis of this website after putting my own write up and was laughing on myself. The best and most comprehensive analysis i have ever read. Thanks to all.

Hi Vikas,

It is guys like you who contributed and made that wonderful collation/analysis happens in such short time.

Request you to please post your observations on Astral at the Astral discussion forum. There is more investigations and feedback needed from Lubrizol, Supreme, Finolex etc.

Good ideas from you. Cravatex seems on the way towards a more efficient business purley by the numbers and margin expansions achieved. Please share more details. If you have done some level of analysis, please post under separate Crevatex topic under the UNtested but worth a look forum.



Thanks for recognizing. I will share my knowledge at the most on all forums of this website. I feel all the value investor icons are present on this website and i can learn a lot from you all.

Astral discussion forum Link: …/…/not-so-hidden-gems/252182030/576358462 .

Hi Vikas,

Have gone through the stocks suggested by you. In my personal opinion, the first two stocks you have recommended seem the best of the lot and surely have multibagger potential. Good businesses, good fundamentals, good growth and available at reasonable valuations, although I would wait to buy Cravatex below 500 levels.

Thanks for sharing.