My Top 5 Picks

Hi Folks,

I would like to share my top 5 bets which, I think, will outperm the index and give very handsome returns going forward. Horizon should be next 2-3 years.

  1. Va Tech Wabag :- This is a Indian subsidiary of Austrian MNC company WABAG, which is considered to be Giant in water related business (Water Purification, Desalination, Sewerage Treatment). With a low equity base of around 1.1 Cr this company is present in a niche field and almost have a monopoly inindian market. Under this Chennai based company the parent WABAG is doing businesses in Idian, Srilanka, pakistan, Bangladesh, Middle east, Turkey, China, philippines and many other countries.

India has almost 17% of world’s population but only 4% of its landmass and around 3% of potable water sources. Whith this huge population clean and drinking water demand is going to rise only.

Water business is said to be quadrapled by 2023 from today’ lvls. Thus there is a huge potential for this company to grow locally as well as globally.

At the cmp of 521 Wabag is trading at high PE lvls however, being a market leader in a niche business premium is justified. 520-530 is a compelling buy zone for this counter for a decent upside.

  1. Amaraja Batteries :- I hope everyone having details of this :-)…Stellar show QOQ basis. Eated good market share of Exide Ind and even hungry for more. Company is growing aggressively and expanding its capacity to cater demand.

9 months nos are already beaten FY12 nos and looks like it will end FY 13 on much higher note.

If the company able to maintain this performance for FY13-14 also we will see much higher lvls from here.

  1. Tata Global :- A cosumption story. Humans consume tea, coffee, water daily. This company sells all three ;-)…recent tie up with starbucks may turn out to be a game changer for this company. Already posting great nos QOQ basis. As name suggest company is true global compamy. Looks like golden days are ahead for this company.

  2. DEN :- Digitizatioan is a game changer for thease media company. To me companies like DEN and hathway will benefit more thn broadcasters. DEN may turn out to be 2-3 bagger from here in coming 2-3 years.

  3. Indusind Bank :- A strong mid cap counter with his very best nos. Aggressive growth plans…adding many new branches. Very good asset quality. good NIM and low NPA. With RBI rate cuts ahead this may reap the maximum.

The above are my picks. Hope they will do btr thn my expectation.

Disc:- Except Tata Global holding all of the above from lower lvls. TG added today @ 140.

Comments/ Suggestions are welcomed !!