My top 5 Picks

1). Voltas (Rs. 85) - This is a good proxy to the investment cycle picking up. And it partly also plays on the discretionary side of things (AC’s). Market leaders in MEP and past portfolio includes some high profile names in India and the middle east.

2). Tv Today (Rs. 59) - Digitization theme, very well discussed in multiple forums. Results have already shown a turnaround. With Phase 2 on its way, this should see some serious re-rating soon

3). IL&FS Investment Managers (Rs. 24.5) - In a spot of bother currently. Bad investments made in 2007 and Private equity is not in a sweet spot currently. But incredible management track record and an enviable business model. Am staying through for the long term on this. Has given disproportionate returns in a bull market

4). Ashiana Housing (Rs. 166) - Niche play on real estate. Great business model. Not leveraged and decent expansion plans. Change in accounting policy may keep the price depressed for a while (though it has shot up recently)

5). VST Tillers (Rs. 389) - Mechanization will keep the demand for tillers ongoing. And their sub 20HP tractors is a fast growing segment. Delayed payment of subsidies, bad monsoons and hike in raw material cost has caused results to be bad. These seem like temporary factors though

Other stocks I am looking at are swaraj engines, haldyn glass, noida toll bridge, tv 18

Usually hold about 10-15 stocks at any one point