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My Top 5 Long term bets bought in the month of july

Hi!! Friends,

New to this blog…I so like everything here in this blog…This is a perfect Macca of knowledge in terms of Indian Stock…This is my bad luck that i came accross this blog so late and on contrary i also found myself lucky that i at least have joined now…I am not so techical and expert but i just buy things to whom i can understand with my capacities…i love to buy things which i know in my daily routine of life…like i like furniture business, Automobile lubricants, Plastics, Food Processing business, Medicines, and durables items…following are the 5 stocks which i bought in this month of July as an assets.

1> Tide Water Oil

2> Texmo Pipes and products

3> Savita Oil Technologies

4> Mold tek packagings

5> Basant Agro

These are my favourites which i bought recently…


Pradeep Boob


Please could you elaborate with reasoning for each stock.

Great picks Pradeep,

I had purchased. Basant, Mold tek and texmo.

Basant 6 to 10rs

Texmo - 15 to 19

Mold tek - 71 - 160 ( i bought at 95)

Superb returns, even your tide water from 11k has gone to 15k

What are the stocks you have in your portfolio?

Hi Pranab,

Thanks Pranab!! I m still holding all this stocks in my portfolio and add some more stocks in the portfolio…Now my holding consist of above plus the following stocks:-

6> Orient carbon and chemicals

7> Control print

8> Arvind remedies

9> Sintex industries

Now I m holding these 9 stocks in my portfolio…and feels like to hold for at least march to see any change if required…I also like to invite suggestions from the experts about my portfolio…


I am no expert but arvind remedies is a complete no for me. Promoters seem to be constantly busy buying and selling shares on the open market.

Hi Abhishek,

There are many Large Cap Companies also doing it as per the requirement of the fund in the business…I don’t think with this basis u can neglect a good growth companies…Arvind remedies

Reported strong 1Q15 with 58% earnings growth - no one offs…margin of 20% sustainable… Recently added capacities for soft gel and injectables and in active discussion with MNCs in India for tie ups… Also developing two 505B(2) products for the US.Stock available at 5x p/e and if either of this materializes, then can lead to huge rerating in the stock price… Stock trading at 5x p/e and 1.3x p/bv… debt is in the price…downside very ltd…soft gel story itself can lead to huge re-rating in the stock…

Pradeep. Will encourage you to summarize similar reasoning for all the stocks in your list. Thx

Esp keen on Basant agro reasoning

Hi kalyanji!!!,

Though I am not so expertise in explains the stocks but I will try my best to give u the details…first I tell u about the Oriental carbon and chemicals…This company attracts me through Value picker stock story report This company is the largest producer of insoluble sulpher which is used as an essiental component in the tyre industries…this company is the second largest manufacturing company in the world and the largest in India…almost every big tyre companies are their customers…their promoters are the well known JP Goenka family…on the financial head it is the company whose OPM is near abt 27% and PE just near about 6% this company is almost zero debt…eps of 50rs is expected this year…book value is 1.5…around 2% dividend yield…and a very simple n most important thing is revival in economy which leads to rerating in the auto sector + tyre industries are booming on the expectation of a very good growth in the coming year which will automatically boost the sales n margin in the coming years…I still believe that this company is the cheapest company in the market n still feels like to add more in the coming days…

Secondly Control print is the company of future which is in the business of marking coding and printing…a very potential growth seen in this type of industries…it is among the largest company in this field and the only listed company in this field…it provides marking and coding to almost every industries which deals in packaging…since coming time is the era of packaging…almost now every consumables things are coming in packaging and all these products needs marking and coding like price mfd date lot no. and many essential things…so I feels like that this company should be benefitted by all these means…now come to the financial part this company is available at around 10 PE and operating margins is above 24% almost debt free company price to bv is now at 2 and good dividend yield around 1% good promoters background and have once spoke to company officials about some queries, they gave a very good response which shows the intentions of the company…this company is going to start a new manufacturing unit in Assam and it will come in production in first week of October …this unit is benefited by the tax benefits as this area is completely tax free zone…so all these point convience me to buy the stock…one more feather in the cap of this company is the land bank which I don’t think much but still as an investor I also see this part also… the market value of the land bank is about 200crore which is equal to the market capitalisation of the company…

Thirdly Arvind remedies :> I buy this stock just because of the above reason which I mentioned in my above post…

Fourthly Sintex industries:> This is the company which needs to be in everyone portfolio…I know the debt part of this company is high but still I feel like in the coming days it will do well in business…very old company with a very good track record and pioneer of the plastic tAnks in India …I bought this company just because of the brand…I know some people may not like the way I pick this stock but still I buy this stock just from my gut feeling…our prime minister gave a very good speech and intention about the toilets and cleanliness…which shows the growth path in the coming days in these industries …Sintex is among the largest of its kind…financials are not too bad …book value is around 110PE is near to 6 good dividend yield i.e. This is the company which is paying dividend continuosly from the date of incorporation…debt part is a real concern …but still have a positive outlook on this stock…

Friends I am not an expert in terms of analysis of the stock …I just buy stock to whom I can understand with the available resources …I request experts in this blog to help me if they feel like things should be checked in my portfolio…

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Hi Pradeep,Praanb,

Could you please put some light on Basant agro as both of you hold this stock?

Hi Inderjeet ji,

I just like to share my views on Basant Argo. First of all this company is of Well reputed Bhartiya group company which is the 125 year old company …this company manufactures seeds and fertilisers and also in power generation through its own wind mils…this company is in the online business of seeds sale through eBay and also have very good demand in the market…It isa leading agribusiness company committed to sustainable agriculture through innovative research and technology. Company believes in delivering better food for a better world through outstanding crop solutions, and has been working relentlessly to improve the farmers’ plight through extensive R & D and rendering quality seeds, fertilizers and services to meet the changing requirements of a farming community.Promoters too buying this share on every dips…in 2012-13 promoters too have convert their warrant into equity of face value 1 at a price of 7.75/-…financials are also looking very promising…stock available near to 5 PE with a handsome amount of dividend yield and robust growth is seen in the seeds business in the near future which makes this stock very attractive …in compare to Kaveri seeds this stock is available at much lower price…