My ten stock portfolio!

Hi Friends,

I have been a regular reader of TED and Valuepickr for about three years now… Haven’t been able to contribute much as i have a demanding job, which leaves me little time and more importantly i consider myself still in a learning phase… Its been an amazing journey, paid my tution fees to the market, benefitted from the unbiased advice and research at both these forums… Thanks to everyone for helping me learn :slight_smile:

Here’s my ten stock portfolio, some of them i have been holding for last four years and some have been new additions… This is buy and hold portfolio, where the aim is to generate a CAGR of 25% every year… Cant be frequent in my buys and sells because of my job!!

Hawkins-18% @ 1715,

Page-18% @ 1550,

Titan-17.5% @ 131

Mayur-14% @ 180,

Gruh-7.5% @ 138,

Unichem-6.5% @ 180

Yes Bank-6.5% @ 266,

Indusind-5% @ 381,

Polymed-4% @ 480,

Kajaria-3.5% @ 231

All the stocks are well discussed here and at TED, therefore not putting my investing logic behind them.

Would welcome comments and constructive criticism on the portfolio to help me bring in changes :slight_smile:


This is amongst the best stock portfolios I have ever seen - well-balanced, superior-quality stocks, bought at fair (or discount to fair) valuations and appropriately-concentrated. Purchase prices indicate that they are Warren’s “outstanding businesses bought at fair valuations”.

Disc- I am a novice to the world of value investing :slight_smile:

Wow, great portfolio. All great businesses.

:)) :))


good portfolio. Should be able to outperform markets comfortably.

Thanks Meet, Sunil and Hitesh :slight_smile:

31 Mar 14 - Hi friends its time for annual review of portfolio by esteemed VPs. Portfolio comfortably outperformed the market and did way higher than desired 25% CAGR. Exits in last one year- Titan,Unichem, Yes and Kajaria. New additions have taken the total number of stocks to 15, opted for larger number of stocks as portfolio grew in size to achieve more diversification.

Current holdings -

Page 14% @ 2961,

Repco 14% @ 274,

Gruh 11% @ 194,

HDFC Bk 10%@ 658,

Hawkins 9% @ 2028,

Indusind Bk 8% @ @ 408,

Mayur 8% @ 95,

Astral 6%@ 257 ,

Poly Med 5% @ 306,

PI Ind 4% @ 156,

Kaveri 4% @ 319,

Ajanta Pharma 2% @ 972,

Alembic Pharma 2% @ 233,

Avanti Feeds 2% @ 420,

Shilpa Medicure 2% @ 333.

Aim is to continue generating 25+% returns with minimum churning. Need your opinion on portfolio composition and fresh deployment of capital. regards

@nannu_68 What’s update on your portfolio as on date? What are recent entry and exit? Since longtime you have not shared update on portfolio.

Last three years have been a terrific ride. More in personal terms. Have been all my financial targets. Both daughters joined college and construction of own house have kept me quite busy! Essence of the portfolio still remains except for a few changes here and there. Will provide an update in Sep as I am presently travelling abroad.


Hi Guys!
Have been busy lately. But have been reading up on valuepickr regularly. Started redesigning the portfolio in Feb 18 and have narrowed it further down to seven stocks only. Retained four names and added three new ones. Used the corrections in 2018 to make entries into new names. All well known and well discussed at valuepickr.

Avanti Feeds 12%
Bajaj Finance 20%
Gruh Finance 15%
Page Industries 15%
PI Industries 12%
Piramal Enterprises 10%
Tata Elxsi 14%

The major takeaways in my investment journey have been-

No point introducing stocks into portfolio if you can’t buy more of it when it corrects.

Know the business model well and that gives u conviction to buy more when the market offers you an opportunity.

Valuations are relative. Good businesses will always appear expensive.