My small beginning

I am 28 years IT guy from Bangalore. I have started reading and investing for past 1 1/2 years.My Portfolio is Large Cap Heavy.After reading and deliberating on several ideas floated on this forum. I have started to load my portfolio with selective small cap /midcap stock ideas that i can relate with. I would like to thank the adminstrator for providing a good forum with lot of nice and knowledgeable members. My total portfolio is worth just a few lakhs and is 95% of my savings :-)

disclaimer :-):

I do not have any knowledge of technicals ; I have been trying to do fundamental analysis in a small way & have been reading some good books in value investing.

Would love to hear your thoughts and criticism on my picks. Stocks on my watchlist : BAYER,Navneet,BASF ,KITEX.

Stock Average Price % Of Portfolio Unrealized Profit/Loss %
Appollo Tyres 87.86 1.987 -3.94
Clariant chemical 625.15 4.71 -7.87
Oriental Carbon 128.77 3.16 -0.71
Tata Chemicals 327.25 3.45 11.87
BHEL 231.81 7.83 -1.04
ENGINEERS INDIA 248.33 13.18 -9.86
JAYSHREE TEA 98.11 4.96 16.04
TATA TEA 164.52 0.35 -10.04
HINDUSTAN ZINC 125.76 2.43 2.54
AJANTA PHARMA 390.68 1.07 39.53
CARNUT 476 1.94 3.98
GLENMARK PHARMA 299.06 6.87 72.19
NHPC 21.38 14.59 23.01
OIL INDIA 431.2 5.23 23.67
ONGC 260.29 17.4 31.05
PETLNG 138.86 4.37 11.34
SRF 194.95 2.04 -1.95
GUJREC 1,516.00 3 0
PODPIG 52.56 1.44 0

On the whole my portfolio has grown by 12% for the past year.

seems to be too much PSU heavy at close to 58% if my calculations are right.

The recent reforms have provide some tailwinds to these companies but I would not like to depend upon the govt to provide further tailwinds or to run these companies in a sensible manner to provide me with superior portfolio returns.

among the rest of stocks, glenmark, ajanta, carnut (zydus wellness) seem good.

thanks Hitesh for your valuable inputs. i agree with your view point. I have been loading up psu’s from a dividend perspective . going to rebalance portfolio over time…with more investment in midcaps and smallcaps.

Among all the PSUs in your portfolio,ONGC seems to be the best bet due to diesel price hike and less burden on subsidy sharing… One thing is certain… you need to reduce no. of stocks in your portfolio… seems to be very diversified … :slight_smile:

thanks sandeep for your inputs. I have 95 % of my money in stocks. So my thinking is to diversify well to minimize risks. As you can see Hitesh has pointed out that my portfolio is PSU heavy, So Ihaven’t evendone a good job at diversification as well ;-).

As i go forward i would like to have a 10 stock tension free largecap portfolio

and 10 stock midcap portfolio which i need to actively track . Not sure i am over diversifying . Would update portfolio changes and would welcome anycriticism.

I can only say that one should never trust govt. companies with ur hard earned money.

Another observation- I could see some commodity and regulated sector players in ur portfolio…over time these businesses find it very tough to add to shareholder value.



thanks ranvir,

OK. I am planning to exit ; ONGC and OIL INDIA hopefully with some spike i.e positive news on gas pricing… I had put in Jayshree Tea for medium term (1-2 yrs)as I read many reports on expected price increase in Tea. The price is expected to remain highdue to demand supply mismatch; increasing tea consumption in india,china…etc

should we refrain from investing in power ,telecom etc as regulation may play spoil sport ?


Yes, one should, in general refrain from investing in regulated sectors of the economy, as the govt. policies would always be pro-general public and will never allow these companies to make run away profits. Prices of power, steel, diesel, petrol, cement affect how people vote in the elections.

Also look at such companies track record for the last 5-8 yrs, they have only destroyed shareholder value. That said, exceptions are always there.

Read Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Phillip and Ken Fischer or else just follow ayush, hitesh and donald…


To me it is and not or

**Read Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Phillip and Ken Fischer **and just follow ayush, hitesh and donald…

yes i agree…i have to do copy cat investing …It is never a bad idea to follow people who have delivered and whom we can trust…hope to scale up to be able to meaningfully contribute in future…

sold all of OIL india(was 5%)

sold 50 % of ONGC (now at 10 % of portfolio )

added 5% in cera @414(logic value the buisness,people and then the price :slight_smile: )

added 5% in orbit exports @ 74.20(thanks to safeer; good roe and amazing profit growth… hope this surprises uspleasantly)

increased GRP to 7.5 % @ avg 1510(thanks to ayush and all others who identified this… )

initiated a 4 % position in Unichem @ 189.

Exited OIL india. 50% of ONGC at recent highs. Have an overall loss due to capital goods exposure in BHEL, Engineers India. Took a position in GRP at the wrong time and saw a crash in NHPC price. .

Looking to take a position in wimplast, cairn, increase exposure to selan ,poddar ;average out engineers india; planning to exit Bhel on any rise.

Any comments appreciated

My current portfolio looks as below:

Stock Symbol CostPrice CurrentMarketPrice % of Portfolio Unrealized Profit/Loss %

AMARAJ 294.63 274.55 2.24 -6.82

APOTYR 87.86 83.45 2 -5.02

GUJREC 1517.91 912.15 5.8 -39.91

ZFSTEE 250.03 213 1.9 -14.81

COLCHE 622.95 483.7 5.2 -22.35

ORICAR 128.77 91.7 3.1 -28.79

PODPIG 54.46 47 2.6 -13.7

TATCHE 327.25 321.6 3 -1.73

BHEL 231.81 177 7.7 -23.64

ENGIND 236.6 154.65 18 -34.64

JAYTEA 98.11 85.65 4.1 -12.7

HINZIN 125.76 121.3 2.3 -3.55

SELEXP 284.57 253 1.1 -11.09

CERSAN 416.65 443.6 4 6.47

GLEPHA 299.06 462.9 3.87 54.78

UNILAB 188.16 173.75 4.8 -7.66

NHPC 21.38 19.85 11.5 -7.16

ONGC 260.61 311.4 5.95 19.49

PETLNG 138.86 135.5 3.8 -2.42

ORBEXP 74.66 66.7 4.26 -10.66

SRF 96.39 168.95 2 -13.97

Overall portfolio Return: -12%