My portfolio

Thangamayil 10%

Ashiana housing 9%

Karur vysya bank 9%

VST Tillers 8%

Piramal Healthcare 7%

Cravatex 8%

Nesco 8%

Shriram transport fin 7%

Balmer lawrie 7%

Technofab Engg 5%

Tata Global Bev


Lakshmi machine works 6%

Arshiya 5


cash 6%

request senior members to kindly comment and suggest any improvement

LMW, Balmer Lawrie,KVB, stfc seem to be market performers.

Among the rest Arshiya looks like a high risk high return kind of bet.

Cravatex, and Technofab – cravatex is suffering from poor results, technofab from poor market fancy.

thangamayil, ashiana, vst tilles should be outperformers.

There seems to be a lot of market fancy for tata global of late, I dont know why. Maybe it is cheapest fmcg labelled company or maybe the starbucks tag.

I think you can add a dash of spark with addition of some promising pharma company since the sector currently seems to be in correction mode and might offer a good entry point.

thanks hitesh sir for your prompt reply. it was really encouraging for a novice like me. will be grateful if you can suggest some pharma companies worth investing.continue to like your fabulous picks i.e ajanta and unichem but do you think at cmp worth adding for long term.


We cant buy stocks today at prices of the past. So ideal thing would be to study the companies closely, now that the annual reports are also available and the decide on future course of action.

I think ajanta closer to 400 should be a good buy. Unichem seems to have run up a lot with just a couple of quarters of turnaround, but next quarter should be interesting to see how the turnaround is shaping up. If the view is of next 2 years or more, one can start nibblig at unichem gradually.