My Portfolio

Dear friends,

Please comment on my holding

1 - vadilal industries - 25 %

2 - Ak capital - 15 %

3 - Superhouse Ltd - 15 %

4 - Rossel india - 20 %

5 -Balaji Amiine - 25 %

Please share your views



Do u have any other inputs on superhouse ltd? Eps has quadrapled in the last 5 years…pe at 3. Please share ur story.

AK Capital is looking extremely interesting at these levels. Books are clean, high ROCE, pays large taxes, 5% dividend yield etc. Not sure why it is trading at a PE of less than 2. Deserves a serious rerating. Promoters are holding 64% and they have never sold a single share in the last 10 years and have infact bought heavily in 2009.

It is one of the largest debt arrangers in India and i think this business will grow heavily. I think this is a 10 bagger in 5 years.

“Books are clean” - Can you explain this point, how do you arrive at this conclusion ?

Market cap (ex dividend) - Rs. 75 crores.

Last many years company has been consistently declaring large profits and paying huge taxes. If you add up the taxes over the last 6 years it is above 120 crores. Why should a company which is not clean pay taxes of around 20 crores per year on an average. On top of that they have been consistently paying dividends and paid around 4 crores dividend for the last 4 years. To me it is rare to find a fraud company paying such huge dividends & income tax over the last many years. Also for a company which is into fund raising forcorporate credibility is very important andif they do something shady and get into trouble they will lose all their business forever. If they are not clean why should they not sell their holdings when the stock touched 1000.

vadilal@126 cmp is gud technically

balaji amines cmp @30 discounts the dismal performance hence gud

superhouse fundamentally gud but it does not get replicated in the performance at bourse

Jacob mathew