My Portfolio - Syed

Hi VP Members,
Kindly share your views and comments.
Objective: Looking to double my investment every 5 years (from CMP), by selecting real winners and avoiding value traps. Learning about long term value investing, Open to book profits or Exit when necessary. (Conviction rate=CR)

  1. ALembic Pharma: 10% - Avg Price 745 - CMP 871 (CR 101%)
  2. Aurobindo Pharma 5% - Avg Price 330 - CMP 745 (CR 80%)
  3. CIPLA 8% - Avg Price 386 - CMP 650 (CR 80% coming down)
  4. Airtel 5% - Avg Price 460 - CMP 552 (CR 50% - Thinking to exit)
  5. Affle India - 2% - Avg Price 1030 - CMP 1575 - (CR 40% Doubtful)
  6. Info Edge 5% - Avg Price 2028 - CMP 2683 - (CR 100%)
  7. Infosys 3% - Avg Price 585 - CMP 691 (CR 80%)
  8. Alkyl Amine 5% - Avg Price 1350 - CMP 2003 (CR 101% recently)
  9. Astral 2% - Avg Price 832 - CMP 877 (CR 101% recently)
  10. PI Industries 10% - Avg Price 1177 - CMP 1539 (CR 101% recently)
  11. Bajaj Auto 1% - Avg Price 2551 - CMP 2710 (CR 20% building)
  12. HUL 2% - Avg Price 1869 - CMP 2057 (CR 60% building)
  13. ATFL 3% - Avg Price 457 - CMP 488 (CR 70% coming down)
  14. Andhra Sugar 4% - Avg Price 162 - CMP 216 (CR 90%)
  15. RACL Gear - 2% - Avg Price 64 - CMP 72 (CR 60%)
  16. Avanti feeds 3% - Avg Price 310 - CMP 414 (CR 80%)
  17. Kaveri Seeds 2%- Avg Price 332 - CMP 398 (CR 70%)
  18. AmaraRaja 5% - Avg Price 501 - CMP 614 (CR 100%)
  19. Rain Ind 2% - Avg Price 52 - CMP 72 (CR 60%)
  20. Sonata Soft 10% - Avg Price 178 - CMP 202 (CR 100%)

(89% Equity, 11% Cash )

I got very lucky by investing mostly during peak Covid19 Crisis (24 Mar to 10 Apr 2020).

Picked up few ideas from Value Picker (Thank you, u guys are real gems), invested after doing some innocent research.

Had 100 % conviction when i bought the Business, current status or decline in conviction is mainly because of the price appreciation, trend change or not being able to ascertain the real value and potential growth.

Not sure if my conviction is real or its just the anticipation of potential business doing great in future, because I have not attended any AGM’s, Concalls, or met anyone from the company to find out how business is actually doing. All investments are based on theoretical data available.

Being a part-time investor, I really think I should not own more than 10 stocks, even in future I may not be able to check how business are doing , always in dilemma (concentrated or diverse)

Eagerly waiting for your honest opinions.

(Please excuse if any typo’s or calculations mistakes).


This is great! Margin of safety gives you great cushion.

I don’t track many of these companies but interesting picks. Will start reading on them.

Curious to know, how was CR % arrived at?

But good way to use it for portfolio allocation. You must’ve heard of this.

Hi Kartik,
Thank you for your feedback.

Regarding banks and NBFC’s, I had a very bad experience earlier, so keeping away, until the storm is gone and skies are clear.

I like Piramil enterprises, keeping a close watch.

Lets see how it pans out.

Hi Anand,

Thank you for sharing your views.

My conviction rate is mainly derived based on my research by using, VP, company website, Google search on negatives and positive with management names, products, business models, competition and industry. Most importantly how much I already know about a particular company without any research (Eg… If i visited the company physically, serviced by them, spoke to the employees or the management, etc…)

I am from Andhra Pradesh, fortunate to know few things about Rain industries already and also get it at such a good price.

Being ex-employee of Sonata, I have more conviction because of the information and details I know.

Infosys: being from IT industry, its easy for me to understand most of the things they do in IT and ICT.

(kindly note: I am not recommending any stocks).

I heard of Kelly, but never read in detail, will do now. Thanks.

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Thanks for sharing.

Yes, we have quite different portfolios. I believe that’s what makes us individual investors based on own research, conviction and risk appetite.

With whatever I can see, your portfolio looks very well diversified, wishing you luck, happy investing…

No comments as such on your stocks but tracking 20 companies (plus others which maybe on your watchlist) may be difficult for someone with a full-time job. Maybe you can rebalance based on your conviction and get rid off 1-3% kind of positions.

Maybe you can take some part profit and increase your dry powder for future.

You are looking for 15% CAGR. Risk free FD is giving around sub 6% returns (excluding small finance banks etc). It’s good to set high goals but we should be realistic at the same time. Even full-time market professionals are not able to achieve 15% CAGR kind of returns in these kind of markets.

All the best.


Thanks for your feedback. U have a nice way of analyzing things.

You are right, tracking 20 stocks, plus 10 stocks in watch-list is a lot to do.

I am planning to bring it under 15, as my knowledge and conviction builds up.

Need to set right expectations and work towards it.

Thanks again…

Why not put all the money into your 100% CR stocks? Why dilute returns?

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Thank you. That’s looks like a good idea. I am also thinking the same from a long time, but not courageous enough to do that.

I need to get out of this diversified portfolio safety net, soon.

What is the Conviction Story on P I industries?
It is trading above Intrinsic Value.
EPS 34

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PI Industries: Steady growth, Good Management, Major conviction driver is I think agro industry will grow at least 3 folds in next 10 years. PI industries will do wonders if that happens.

I believe in the company and the business. they are a very smart Agro-Science company.